I Want to Be Freshly Pressed

My next goal:  to be Freshly Pressed.  For those of you familiar with WordPress you know that this is one of the highest goals to attain. To be featured on Freshly Pressed means instant fame.  Well, maybe not, but it guarantees a lot of clicks and page views and comments.  Freshly Pressed is kind of a display case of blogs that are awesome.  Every day blogs are featured here at this page.  It is a showcase of fabulous blogs of all kinds.  It is an incredible way to find new blogs to follow and … [Read more...]

Three Words and A Song, Part Two

Last January 1st I posted Three Words and A Song.  Kind of my New Year's Resolution.  It worked out pretty well for me to do that and I referred back to my three words (Embrace, Hope and Generosity) quite a few times during the year.   I think I did pretty well with keeping those at the forefront of my life.   It has been a difficult year in many ways with sad events and challenges like everyone goes through but I am a better person today because of the things that have presented themselves to … [Read more...]

Embrace, Hope, Generosity

Way back in January I decided to pick three words that would be my theme words for the year.  I think I needed to be reminded today of what those words and actions are so I am going to share them again with you.  It seems like it is appropriate and it kind of keeps them in front of me. Embrace I am going to embrace life more.  This means I am going to live in the moment, not worry so much about the future and live each day to its fullest.  It also means that I am going to embrace people … [Read more...]