Filling Stations, Food and Fabulous Friends

How could you not click on a post with Filling Stations in the title???  I am very glad you did and stayed around to read the first paragraph of this post, at least! Earlier this week a group of new and old friends of the blogger type gathered at a local diner in Mason City to get to know each other a bit more. The location:  LD"s Filling Station located on 12th Street NE .   If you have never been to LD's you might miss it when driving by---it is back from the road and a huge favorite of the … [Read more...]

Gas Station Etiquette

I think I have ranted about this before but the recent stop at the gas station spurs me on to ask the question again----what is the appropriate way to approach the pumps? I wish that the car manufacturers would just get with the program and put gas tanks on the same side of every car. I think that would help solve the gas station pump approach issues that arise! Maybe..... I needed to fill up Chris's car and was going to run it through the car wash the other day and every other person in … [Read more...]