A Wrong Turn, A Dead End Road and an Odd Discovery, Part 2

I introduced you to Rancho Z Deluxe in a previous post   I took so many pictures that I wanted to post more to show you what an interesting place this is.  Today's pictures show just a bit more of the unique garden that I stumbled upon.  Click on any image to initiate a slide show and view the pictures. … [Read more...]

Scarecrows Galore

On a recent visit to Clear Lake we stopped at the Central Gardens of North Iowa  to check out what was going on there.  It is one of our favorite places to stop and take pictures as the land scape is always changing and the flowers are so meticulously cared for that it makes a delightful visit each and every time we stop by.  This day was no exception as there was a scarecrow display.  As we strolled through I snapped some pictures and overheard some of the students who were there who had … [Read more...]

Reynolda Ramblings

Ever been to Reynolda Village, Reynolda Gardens and Reynolda House and Museum of American Art in Winston Salem????   I can now say that I have been!  On my recent trip to North Carolina I met my best friend Ann for the day and we explored all that this great area had to offer. Reynolda House is the restored 1917 home of Katherine Smith Reynolds and her husband Richard Joshua Reynolds who was founder of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company.   The home is furnished in period furnishings and has … [Read more...]

So It’s Been a Little Boring Lately….

Sorry, my hubby says the blog has been a tad boring lately----been focusing on doing the one thing a day that I am thankful for and not much else but thought I would try and post a few pics today from Austin and our trip here. We are staying at a lovely little place called Eponymous Gardens . We are nestled in a little bungalow which opens up with the other bungalows and "big house" into a wonderful garden. I will put up pics as the week goes on but all in all----think we are going to love … [Read more...]

Colors and More!

Last week before I left my mom's house at Copeland Oaks I stopped on my way out to check out the flowers in this beautiful garden that they have.   We had wanted to take a walk there one day but we just got too busy so on my way out I made the stop and clicked a few pics!.   I think there is one man there who mainly is in charge of these beauties---hats off to him! They are gorgeous! … [Read more...]