You Asked For It! You Got It! Chrisisms Part 5

Can you believe that I have collected more Chrisisms to post???  It has been awhile since I posted Chrisisms--Part 4 so I thought it was time to post a few more.  As always, enjoy! 1.  If you are going to join the circus you want to be at the front of the parade. 2. This train is dysfunction junction. 3. When talking about being married 30 years Chris quipped "if we had committed murder we would be getting out about now." 4. A waitress asked us if we were done with our meal or still … [Read more...]

The Wonderful World of Chrisisms Continues—Part 4

Today I am featuring Part 4 of Chrisisms from my witty husband.   He is keeping his day job but as my previous posts  Spinning in our Teacups, ,Back by Popular Demand, and Chrisims Part 3 have shown you---he is one funny man.  My list has been growing and with our upcoming anniversary trip I am sure that I will be adding to it so I wanted to get these passed along to you today.  Please enjoy and share the wonderful world of humor according the Chris! 1. "They are all God's children but some … [Read more...]