Send the Men in the White Coats

I have developed a fascination lately.  It may not be a healthy one but it is making me laugh. Hysterically at times.  It may be only me but I find goats to be very entertaining.  There are about a million zillion goat videos on YouTube and I may have watched every one of them twice.  My husband's patience is wearing thin.  I suspect this could be a defining moment in our marriage.  The "event" that pushes him to take a serious look at our relationship and make some decisions.  If you don't hear … [Read more...]

Nom Nom Song

For a light hearted Sunday post I decided on one of about a zillion videos that I have been watching.  You know--it is so good to laugh.  And I have been doing plenty of that lately.   Please join me in watching the Nom Nom Song by the Marmots. … [Read more...]

Dining Dogs

Oh my goodness! I just spent 6 minutes and 48 seconds laughing hysterically. What is it about animal videos that make me laugh? What a great way to start my Saturday. Kudos to the "production team" who made this video and to the stars of it. Enjoy!!!! And please pass along to someone who might need a smile today---unless you have a heart of stone I think this will get at least one smile out of you! … [Read more...]