Who Influences You?

I have had a lot of folks who have influenced me through the years and set examples for me.  I have been so blessed by being surrounded all of my life by warm, loving and supportive people.  If I have gotten anywhere in this life it is due to all of those folks who have nurtured and loved me for who I am and who I am still becoming. Recently I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with some folks in North Carolina who have helped shape my life in a lot of ways. They were all there … [Read more...]

Old Vs.New

I like old and I like new. What about you?    I have a tendency to start sounding like a badly written Dr. Seuss book about this time of day/night so I think I will quit with that line of writing and spare you the horrible trainwreck that it would be!   Instead I will tell you what I am talking about! I had the privilege of having one of my oldest and by oldest I really mean longest friends come and see me and spend the night with me last night.  Becky was one of my high school friends … [Read more...]