Stuffed in a Trunk?

The adventure started on Wednesday morning.  My husband texted me and told me to be safe.  He had visions of me stuffed in a trunk and abandoned somewhere between Mason City and Cresco .  It is a fear he always has when I say "Hey---I am going to go meet a bloggy friend".   It is unfounded and silly but it has become our little joke.  Since I am writing this post you know that his dreaded fear did not come to fruition. What did come to fruition was a positively delightful day. I connected … [Read more...]

Baby Planes and UHauls—We Got It Done!

Chris and I know how to have adventures.  No doubt about it!  My first leg of the latest adventure started out here. From there (Mason City, Iowa) I went to Minneapolis and then on to Dayton, Ohio where I awaited the arrival of my dearly beloved later on in the evening.  A quick cab ride and we picked up this. A 20 footer to fill with treasures from our storage unit that we have had since April in Lima, Ohio ---filled with wonderful treasures from Chris's dad's house.  A quick trip … [Read more...]