Everyone’s a Comedian

I received this Valentine's Day card in the mail from my sister the other day. She thinks she is so funny. Oh she thinks she is soooooo funny.   You see when we were growing up we all had chores to do.  Even though I was the youngest of four  kids I was not exempt from the jobs and had to do my share of them.  One was to clean the bathroom sink.  I can't imagine that the bathroom sink was ever all that dirty but it had to pass inspection by Mother Superior AKA our mother.  Just like … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day!!!

I can not let Father's Day go by without posting a post about my Daddy.  Now I know most of you out there think that you have the best dad in the world but I beg to differ with you.  I did.  No doubt about it.   My daddy was kind and gentle.  He was quiet and mild mannered.  He was funny and had a great sense of humor.   He was a loving father and husband, a caring and compassionate man.  Everyone that knew him commented on his sincerity and honesty but most often his sense of compassion.   He … [Read more...]