Going Home

I have been living a pretty charmed life these days.  A trip to Ohio to see all of my Ohio family that I could see and now a trip to North Carolina to catch up with family and friends.  It is what I love the most---being with family and friends and just living in the moment. One thing that I loved was being able to go to church on Sunday to the church that Chris and I and the boys attended for almost 9 years when we lived in North Carolina.  It was at this church, Fair View UMC in Mount … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday!!!!!

This week I am featuring a teapot that a very special young lady gave to me.  When I lived in North Carolina we were a part of a wonderful and loving church family at Fair View UMC in Mount Mourne.  One of the things that we did for our confirmation class was to have along with mentors--secret pals.  Being the secret pal was pretty cool because you got to deliver gifts and notes of encouragement and be a part of the confirmand's journey from afar until the big reveal.  It was not quite of  the … [Read more...]