Sometimes First Class Isn’t

My recent trip home from Texas was….how shall we say ….interesting.  You never know what you are going to encounter when you travel these days and this trip was the perfect example of how the unexpected is just that. Unexpected.  But it makes great content for a blog post so feel free to pour yourself a glass of iced tea (maybe even sweet tea to salute Texas) and settle in for a spell while I weave my yarn. The day started out early with Chris dropping me off at the Dallas Fort Worth airport. … [Read more...]

Hail to the Chief

My life can be kind of weird.  Just saying.  But as someone told me--it would make a great blog post!!!  So here you go! My Mr. Wonderful planned a little get away  for us around his work schedule before we make the official move back to Iowa from Ohio.  He has a business trip to California so we are doing a quick get away.  The problem was how I was going to get to the Detroit airport.  Yes, I could drive but we really did not want to leave my car there as we are going to be driving his car … [Read more...]