Sometimes First Class Isn’t

My recent trip home from Texas was….how shall we say ….interesting.  You never know what you are going to encounter when you travel these days and this trip was the perfect example of how the unexpected is just that. Unexpected.  But it makes great content for a blog post so feel free to pour yourself a glass of iced tea (maybe even sweet tea to salute Texas) and settle in for a spell while I weave my yarn. The day started out early with Chris dropping me off at the Dallas Fort Worth airport. … [Read more...]

Stop Touching Me!

I have told you many times that I am married to Mr. Diamond.  He takes great pride in his Delta Diamond status.  I am not sure if "I" think it is all that great because it takes him away from me too often but it is a part of his job and we are both very thankful for that.   So no complaints.   Plus sometimes it affords me some bonuses, too. This past week he reached Diamond status again for the coming year.  One of  the things that he can do is "gift" a higher status to someone of his … [Read more...]

From Water to Research–Comments for A Cause

I am a little late in posting today but I am finally getting to the exciting news about Comments for a Cause. For the past 2 1/2 years I have featured a different cause each month on It's Just Life and for every comment made during that month on any blog post I have donated 50 cents to that featured cause.  My husband and I are thrilled with the response that this has elicited and each month the perfect cause seems to appear. In September I chose Samaritan's Purse---specifically their work in … [Read more...]

There Was Little Joy in Who-Atlanta-ville Last Night

Sometimes plans go awry.  And that is alright.  There was not a lot of joy in Atlanta last night---at least at the airport.  Freakish weather for this time of year put Atlanta in a weird spot. The airport was on Ground Hold or something.  I don't really remember what they called it but all I know is that my Dayton to Atlanta flight was held up.  To the tune of missing my connection to Jacksonville.  So it goes.  Fortunately for me I am married to Mr. Diamond who realized that the rendezvous with … [Read more...]


  My letter of "complaint" to Delta: Message: 'The delay made me miss my connection even though I ran through the airport and they knew I was coming from a late flight. The plane was just pulling away from the door when I got there. Since it was the last flight of the day and a small plane I was a little upset that they could not wait 3 minutes for me. I had to spend the night in MSP and take a flight the next day which was NOT convenient for either me or my husband who was … [Read more...]

Roll Call!

The Christmas travel has begun and as usual---there are always stories and interesting things that happen along the way!!! Last night on our leg from Minneapolis Saint Paul to Dayton we encountered something that I have never had happen before. Finally got a plane, unbeknowst to the gate attendant who had just made an announcement saying that the plane was not here and that his little screen showed an arrow pointing up meaning it was still in the air....but WE saw it taxi in....But I … [Read more...]

Number 27—Comfort

Today I am thankful for first class seats on airplanes and for reaping some benefits of my husband's frequent traveling. While I am not a snob at all about air travel it is very nice to sometimes be upgraded to first class and enjoy larger seats and a few more perks. So today---I am thankful for more legroom, a meal during flight and attentive, hopefully, flight attendants!!! Up up and away! … [Read more...]


It arrived!  I know that you are all waiting breathlessly, logging on to read my blog daily, hanging on the edge of your seat, fingers poised on the keyboard to find out what is next in my Delta saga.  Well, it arrived.   My check for reimbursement for what I had to buy the last time my suitcase was "delayed" .   That is the nice term for it.  Lost luggage does not really apply because it was found.  It just was not with me!   So---since I believe in giving credit where credit is due I felt the … [Read more...]

Finally….Good Customer Service!

My car wouldn't start yesterday.  Battery was dead as a doornail ( and isn't that a funny expression?) so I had to call AAA to come out and help me.   Fortunately the car was in the garage so I wasn't stranded anywhere and it was no major thing.  Chris called a local place to find a battery and I was going to go there to get that put in.  THEN Frank's Repair showed up .....the guy had had the forethought to bring a battery!  So no muss, no fuss, he installed it right then and there and I was … [Read more...]

Beth Ann 1 —-Sears 0

Chris and I have decided to put an end to our sedentary life.. Step 1:  Buy bikes.  Check. Step 2:  Buy an elliptical.  Check. Step 3:  Buy a Wii or Xbox Kinect.   In the pricing stage. Step 4: Use said devices..... So how are we progressing??  Bikes have been used--not as much as we wanted but we have been here there and everywhere since we bought them so we are trying to be intentional about using them.   Bought the elliptical at Sears locally about 10 days ago.  It was to be … [Read more...]