Shopping in the Sky

You know that I love to share, right?  I am that kind of person.  The kind that likes to share great things with her friends so today I am going to share yet some more wonderful gift ideas from the SkyMall magazine.  A recent trip to North Carolina allowed me the pleasure to travel via Delta Airlines and peruse the always available SkyMall magazine for delightful finds.  I was not disappointed.  Actually this time I did find some things that were great ideas.  You might recall my previous post … [Read more...]

Mr. Diamond Could Actually Become Mr. Diamond

Many of you know that I refer to my beloved husband as Mr. Diamond due to his past couple years of constant travel.  We have enjoyed the benefits that come with being a Delta Diamond member and I have reaped the benefits of that status many times. We are grateful for the special attention that frequent fliers get and think it is well deserved for those business travelers who spend a lot of time in the air and in airports. With that being said I might have found a way to preserve Mr. Diamond's … [Read more...]

Life Interrupted

  Oh Delta...why oh why?   Once again I had an adventure !  After a fabulous time in North Carolina--great time with my BFF, Ann, and then a weekend with Aaron I settled in for the trip home. I was taking a flight to Minneapolis and then the little prop plane flight into Mason City so Chris could just pick me up there since he had been home all last week and we did not have a car at the Minneapolis airport .  It was  a good plan. Flight from Raleigh boarded and seemed to be on track … [Read more...]

And Winter Drags On and On and On and On and On

Gotta love the return to rotten weather.  At least I am trying to love the return to rotten weather!   After 9 days of sun and warmth in the wonderful state of Texas we are back in the thick of winter.  Ugh.  I am so over winter.  It seems to be dragging  on and on and on and on and on.  You get the point. I must say that we were very, very fortunate to get back from Texas in such good shape.  Our flight on Sunday was canceled but Delta was proactive and canceled it almost a whole day ahead … [Read more...]

Views from First Class

I know I am weird ! I take pictures of really strange things sometimes! Yesterday, thanks to my frequent flier husband, I got upgraded to first class which was a nice treat! Things are definitely different in first class. You have better and bigger seats, lots of personal attention, pillows and blankets are already on your seat when you board, and you get FOOD! And it wasn't half bad! Our flight yesterday was piloted by Skippy and Scooter, or so they said.....I am doubting the … [Read more...]

Dear Delta

Dear Delta, I have tried to like you, I really have. Even though you have misplaced my luggage numerous times and left me stranded in places I have not always wanted to be. Even though my luggage has seen places my feet have never been I still have tried to believe in you. But why , Delta, why? Why do I have a platinum American Express card if I get no perks? Why did the last Delta agent give me a free piece of checked luggage and "put me in the system" when the agent today says I don't … [Read more...]