Peanuts, Crackers and Memories

Thought you might need a peanut butter fix today......hence the above picture.  No....not really!!!  Chris came home from a trip last week and when he walked in the door he pulled these out of his pocket for me and said "Because I know how much it meant to you when your Daddy used to bring you home the peanuts from his trips" and laid down these little treasures!  Isn't it funny how something simple like that can bring back a flood of memories???   Ahhhhhh....I was transported in time! When I … [Read more...]

Father’s Day, Lighthouses and Family

Today we celebrate Father's Day in the US and even though my own Daddy is no longer with me it makes me so very thankful for him. He was a strong man who was a great example to all those who came in contact with him. My father in law has also become such an important person in my life. He continually amazes me with his fortitude and inner strength and it is amazing to me that I have been blessed with two fabulous "fathers' when some folks don't even have one father that they can look up to. … [Read more...]