Thank You, Farmers! #SpoonSalute and #FranklinCoHarvest Continues!

Disclaimer: The Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour was sponsored by the The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce & Franklin County Farm Bureau who provided our lodging, meals and activities. All opinions and thoughts are totally my own. Do you know how many ears of corn grow on a single stalk on average?  That is just one of the things that I learned on my recent Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour weekend.  I honestly learned more that weekend than I could have imagined. Not that I am … [Read more...]

Making Wishes Come True

It is March 1st and that means it is time to focus on Comments for a Cause here at It's Just Life.  If you are new follower (thank YOU!) this is the way it works.  Each month I select a charity or cause to support.  For each legitimate comment on ANY post during that month I promise to make a donation of 50 cents to that cause.  Legitimate = a comment that shows that you actually read the post and actually made a comment relevant to it.   Simple, right? In February I was thrilled to find … [Read more...]

Filling Stations, Food and Fabulous Friends

How could you not click on a post with Filling Stations in the title???  I am very glad you did and stayed around to read the first paragraph of this post, at least! Earlier this week a group of new and old friends of the blogger type gathered at a local diner in Mason City to get to know each other a bit more. The location:  LD"s Filling Station located on 12th Street NE .   If you have never been to LD's you might miss it when driving by---it is back from the road and a huge favorite of the … [Read more...]

Andy Winds Down His Iowa (and more) Adventure

It is time to send Andy on his way.  I must admit I have hung on to him a tad bit longer than I probably should have but hey----we had a lot to do and see!!!  Andy is going to be heading out to British Columbia next and will be staying with Darlene who writes over at Darlene Foster's Blog.  You will definitely want to check it out.  Don't forget Andy's mama---Lenore --over at Lenore's Thoughts Exactly---she is the one who started this, after all!!!  We had a good time with Andy and will be sad … [Read more...]

Bordering on Perfection?? Really???

I ran across this picture / advertisement in a magazine recently and it just struck me as an odd way to promote a state.  Bordering on perfection?? Doesn't that mean that the states around Iowa are the perfect places  and Iowa is just kind of trying to ride the coattails of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota?    I think it does.  I think it is just a really strange way to promote tourism of a state.  I know, I know---I live in Iowa.  I should be waving the pom … [Read more...]

Crack Corn and More

We had an awesome day!!!  We went to the Sever's Corn Maze in Shakopee, Minnesota ( and it was so much fun!!!   Thanks to Groupon for telling me about it and getting us half price tickets we ventured there right after it opened this morning and had a blast!!!  We did it all!  From the petting zoo to the corn pit to the roasted corn to the corn canon to the fabulous maze---it kept us happy! The day was a beautiful crisp sunny fall day and it was perfect!!!   The … [Read more...]