Send the Men in the White Coats

I have developed a fascination lately.  It may not be a healthy one but it is making me laugh. Hysterically at times.  It may be only me but I find goats to be very entertaining.  There are about a million zillion goat videos on YouTube and I may have watched every one of them twice.  My husband's patience is wearing thin.  I suspect this could be a defining moment in our marriage.  The "event" that pushes him to take a serious look at our relationship and make some decisions.  If you don't hear … [Read more...]

Cupcake To Go?

  I had been trying to figure out what to write about today.....I have been disturbed watching Animal Hoarders shows and thought about that but somehow that was just too upsetting !  Then I thought about writing about what we are doing for our upcoming Think Spring party but would rather wait till I can post pictures of yummy food !!!  I have  adorable cat pictures I can post but then I somehow found this link to a video and article about a stay at home dad outside of Chicago who built a … [Read more...]