Shameless Request??? Yes!

Is that not about one of the cutest little guys you have ever seen????  I think so, too!  That is our youngest son, Aaron, when he was about 3.  What a cutie.  He has come a long way and today I am making a little bit of a plug for something that he is a part of during this month.  Many of you have seen a lot of men sporting facial hair in November and the reason is it is commonly called Movember. It is a movement to raise awareness and money for awareness and education and research  of men's … [Read more...]

Showers and the Amazon

Thanks to all who made comments on my blog this month!!! It was a another great month and I am happy to announce that I will be making a great donation to Operation Shower as promised!  During May I got a total of 456 comments on my blog and 24 on my Facebook page on my posts so I will be making a $240 donation to them by buying things on their Babies R Us registry and having them shipped to them!!!  Shopping is going to be fun!!!!  So thanks to all of you for this wonderful gift that we are … [Read more...]

It’s My Birthday Boy!

It's a birthday celebration today!!!  Yipppeeeeeee!   Our youngest, Aaron, turns 23 today!  I know I am way too young to have a 23 and 26 year old but when you consider that I got married at the tender age of 5 it all fits!   I love my boys and am so doggone proud of them and just have to embarrass them with cutsie pictures every time I get a chance so here it goes!  Just a few this time, Aaron!  Not too incriminating or embarrassing!!!   Check em out and join me in wishing the hippest 23 year … [Read more...]

I Am About Techied Out

You know I love technology!!  I really do.  How else would I stay in touch with people and get to know new people through my blog???  But I have come to the conclusion this week that maybe there is some disease known as Tech Addiction.  I mean where does it all end??  Anyone else with me out there?  It seems like we can never get our technology settled so that it is a constant here in the Chiles household.   If we (and when I say we I really mean the husband) can add one more speaker, one more … [Read more...]

New Meadowlands Stadium Unveils Sophisticated New Technology Delivering Unforgettable Fan Experience -> Cisco News

New Meadowlands Stadium Unveils Sophisticated New Technology Delivering Unforgettable Fan Experience -> Cisco News. … [Read more...]