Slightly Savory Saturday

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Casserole I first made this casserole for Christmas and have made it several times since as it has become a favorite Saturday morning treat.  Each time I tweak it a bit and add different items to spice it up.  My favorite so far is the addition of fresh mushroom slices.  Takes very little effort and the most difficult part is waiting an hour for it to bake. Enjoy. 1 pound ground turkey sausage 4 eggs, lightly beaten 4 green onions, finally chopped 1 16 ounce package … [Read more...]

Come Take Me Away

Doesn't that picture just scream "COME TAKE ME AWAY?" I think the cold has gone to my head.  Or else my "Living la Vida Lamo" has started to take a toll on me.   I am making silly mistakes.   Chris looks at me and says "Should I be worried about you?"   I hope not.   I don't think that I am quite ready for assisted living but if too many more things happen I might be moving across the street and kitty cornered to the place in our neighborhood. I always like to get the coffee ready to go the … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

This cute teapot came from Ebay from my sweet seller whose mom had the massive collection.  Who could resist this pastoral  themed Sadler teapot? Not me!  It is a lovely teapot which has never had a pot of tea brewed in it.  I need to change that!   One of the shining moments of my day is that when, having returned a little weary from an afternoon walk, I exchange boots for slippers, out-of-doors coat for easy, familiar, shabby jacket, and, in my deep, soft-elbowed … [Read more...]

Friday Filled with F’s

Joining up with Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her weekly blog hop.  She has been posting Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop  FOREVER (another F) and her dedication to doing this is FABULOUS!  Okay--enough alliteration-----let's get on with the statements.  Click here to hop over to her blog to join up via Linky and be a part of the fun.  Or leave your own answers in the comments here if you want. The statements: I have been ____ so if I _____ I dont like _____. I easily can … [Read more...]


Merry Christmas to all!  As you gather with your families and loved ones (and maybe enjoy a c up of tea or two) please know that I am wishing you the most wonderful and blessed Christmas that you can even imagine!!!   Love and hugs! Beth Ann … [Read more...]

A Child of Love

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Life is Good

I was feeling a bit verklempt yesterday.  I love that word.  My boss, Mark, wrote me a note the day after I told him that I was leaving because the hubby got a different job.  The note said that he would always feel a little verklempt when he saw a Starbucks because that is where I broke up with him.   Well, I know what that feeling is. We took Chris's brother, Carlton, to live with his sister yesterday.  It is all part of the plan and all of you have helped me along the way with dealing with … [Read more...]

Christmas in China–Wordless Wednesday

I find it interesting that everywhere my husband has gone in China he has seen the words "Merry Christmas".  In the US everywhere you go you see "Happy Holidays" .   Odd?  I think so. … [Read more...]

Wish I Had A Home For Christmas!!!

I posted this video last year but it is worth reposting!!! Enjoy!!! Comment and get entered into my Cookiepalooza drawing!!!!! … [Read more...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year—Baking Time!

    So it is my FAVORITE time of the year!  Christmas cookie baking time!!! Woo hoo!!!   I think that one of the best things that my mom gave me was a love of baking cookies at Christmas!!!  I remember looking forward to it every year as I was growing up.  She had her favorite recipes---springerle, pfeffernuesse, and of course the favorite sugar cookies that we spent hours decorating!!!   I remember how much fun the 4 of us kids had decorating and then eating those delectable … [Read more...]