Somehow I Remembered It Differently

When I was little I lived in this house.  My grade school friend, Beth Rich Brown (Yes, she now has MY maiden name) was in Hannibal, Ohio recently and took a picture of my old house and sent it to me.  How sweet was that??? I have very fond memories of living here --at least for the years that I can remember.  We moved here the summer after I was born in April so the first few years are a bit of a blur but I do remember this old brick house with fondness. I remember the spiral staircase. I … [Read more...]

You Call It Juglans Cinerea—-I Call it Agony

Anybody out there recognize that picture?  Anyone out there know what that is?  The scientific name is Juglans cinerea but the common name is Butternut.  Not squash although the above picture shows a squashed butternut in the Mason City Public Library parking lot.  It is a type of walnut. It is sometimes referred to as a white walnut.  I refer to it as agony. Why, in heavens name, would I call this simple and seemingly innocent item "agony"?  It doesn't look like it deserves that title at … [Read more...]

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear—Wait—Two Bears!

My brother Mark and I share a lot in common.  He is only two years older than me so he always was my buddy growing up.  When we were in high school I know he always kind of kept an eye out for me.  We went to the same (fabulous) college and I know that he always kept his eye on me there--even if I didn't know it.  He is a great brother.  There but not too there if that makes any sense. Growing up I guess it was normal that he and I would be the closest because we were closest in age.  That is … [Read more...]