Two Planes, A Couple of Storms and a VRBO Scam = Interesting Day

It was supposed to be a romantic weekend.  Mr. Diamond and I were meeting in Chicago for the weekend.  He was coming from Texas and I was taking the short flight from Cedar Rapids to Chicago so I would not have to mess with driving in Chicago.  We were meeting at the airport and then getting a rental car to take us to our VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) house in Oak Park. Not only was I super excited because not only would I spend a weekend with my husband, I was also going to be able to tour … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday is Back!!!!!!

It has been a rough few weeks but we are seeing our way through and have a good feeling that things are on the upturn!   We spent a couple of fabulous days in Chicago where my dear sweet husband spoiled me and insisted on buying me an extravagant gift---a teapot of my choosing!   Actually Chris picked it out at Neiman Marcus and even though it is by far the most expensive one in my collection now---I acquiesced.  I mean, it is an investment, right??? So please--enjoy the pictures of my … [Read more...]

City Scenes

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The City Never Sleeps—Nor Did I

All I wanted was a really good nights sleep in a lovely Westin bed.  Seems simple enough.  Chris and I wound our way to downtown Chicago on our way back to Iowa yesterday.   Found our hotel easy peasy.  Had a delicious meal at PFChangs.  Watched an in room movie (Limitless---pretty good flick, btw) and crashed.   We both really just wanted a good uninterrupted sleep.  We did get that.  Until 4 AM. Evidentially our neighbors had different ideas for us.   A group came in about that time and … [Read more...]