And The Winner Is…….

This could prove to be one long post!!!  Grab your cup of coffee or tea and pull up a couch and settle in for a spell.  You see today is the day I tally up the Comments for A Cause for the month and let my readers know just how awesome they are!   During the month of February you guys all commented like the great folks that you are and I am so thrilled to be able to announce that we will be donating  $202.50 to Tom  Hedin's medical fund through  As you might remember Tom was … [Read more...]

The Comments Are Tallied! The New Charity Awaits!

As most of my "regular followers" know I have been doing Comments for a Cause here on It's Just Life for a few months. This month I decided to donate 50 cents for each legitimate comment to The Tree of Life Native American Relief group based out of Mission, SD.  This is near and dear to my heart as I volunteered there one year.  One of my bloggy buddies, Jake or Jamocha as I call him now, over at Poems and Ponderings, threw some folks my way by devoting the first week of August on his blog to … [Read more...]

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Teapot Day–#4

This is another favorite (aren't they all?) teapot of mine but not only is this cute ladybug themed teapot adorable it has a great memory with it.  It was given to me by a fabulous group of ladies from Epworth UMC  in Concord, NC.   I had the pleasure of working there for 5  years and had so many wonderful friends there.  Not only were they my friends then they continue to be come of my best friends even after I moved away thanks to Facebook and the wonderful capabilities of the internet!  This … [Read more...]

Act of Kindness Grows Through Facebook!

Just goes to show you that Social Networking Media does have its positive effects----not all of it is self absorbed and ego centric!!!  Way to go!!! … [Read more...]

Reaching Across the Miles

Today I finally did something that I needed to do for a long time! Thanks to my sissy, Paula, who told me that she had written to her World Vision sponsored child I decided that I needed to uncover that stack of info about Martin and write him a letter. I had great intentions before. I had even taken the info packet and a letter sent to me from a community volunteer in his village along with me on vacation with full intentions of writing a letter. Well, it never happened. So today I made … [Read more...]