1000th Post!!! Let’s Celebrate!!!!!

Can you believe it??? I certainly can't !!! My 1000th post!!!   Woo hoo!!!!   And that means a celebration!!!! When I started this blog way back in March 2008 it was just to chronicle our travel and our eventual move to Australia for the family and close friends.  What I did not know was that it would suck me in.  I would soon become addicted  passionate to write posts!   I have always dabbled in writing and while I know that I am not a real writer this has given me an opportunity to get … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Nathan and Rachael Youmans!

Just a few pictures of the special day and a few of those who helped celebrate with them. I did not do too great of a job of photo documentation but will gather some from other people along the way! It was a beautiful ceremony and we were so blessed to be there to celebrate with them! I was too wrapped up in the ceremony to take pictures at all!!! … [Read more...]

From Preemie to a Ripe Old Age of 22

Today is our "baby's " 22nd birthday! Hard to believe that that cute little baby who decided to pop into the world 6 weeks (at a whopping 5 pounds 10 ounces) early is now 22, a college grad and a fabulous young man! We are blessed. Of course a mama gets a little nostalgic around birthdays and remembers all the cool parties along the way. Doubt that Aaron would want that McDonald's party anymore! I always tried to make birthdays extra special because that was one thing I remember about my … [Read more...]