Back in the USA!

If you have seen my blog for the past almost 3 weeks you have noticed that I have been on vacation.  Yep---it was the vacation to beat all vacations.  An anniversary trip of grand proportions thanks to my wonderful and fabulous husband.   I had scheduled posts up through this week in anticipation of not being able to post while we were gone and I am glad that I did.  I will start posting some snappies and thoughts about our latest trip later on this week after all my scheduled posts have been … [Read more...]

Andy Continues to SightSee

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Ruckus all Around

You know what??? Life is about the same anywhere you go.  People live out their daily lives and do the same things that you and I do pretty much regardless of location.  Sure, the actual activities may differ slightly, but over all---yep--we are all the same deep down. The country (the US, that is) is in the midst of a huge heat wave.   I am in Canada with the hubby this week and it is really hot here, too.  I melted a little bit today.  I went for a walk to the Walmart which is fairly close … [Read more...]

Lighthouses, Meat Pies, Ginger Beer and Wharf Hags!

What a FABULOUS DAY!!!! So blessed!!! We really had a fun day today in Halifax! Slept in a bit and then wandered down by the wharf and eventually made it to the Farmer's Market. The concierge told us to find the omelet guy, the peanut butter ball guy and the bread lady. We got 2 out of the three which wasn't bad. It was a madhouse and we were lucky to get out unscathed! Great place to shop for fresh stuff but we really didn't need much of that so we got bread delights and peanut butter … [Read more...]

Pretzels, Lobster, Beavertails and Oolong Tea

Got your attention with that title, huh??? Well I have decided that this trip to Canada is yet just another opportunity to eat so that is what I am going to do! And you know I always take pictures of food so you will get to see some of the wonderful things that we are eating! We had a very uneventful day of flying yesterday--low stress and easy going aside from the early morning time of our flight out of Minneapolis but we got into Halifax around 2:30 pm Atlantic time and boy were we … [Read more...]

Still Trying to Find the Perfect Theme

I know! Just when you get used to a new theme I up and change it again! I liked the last layout but it was hard to find the "comment" button so hopefully this one will encourage you guys to comment a bit more! Jury is still out on it ! Still trying to collect more "pet peeves" before I award the aforementioned gift card. I KNOW there are a lot of you reading who have something to share so come on---share it!!! Laundry done, ironing done and today I concentrate on house cleaning and … [Read more...]