Teapot Tuesday—Brown with a Case of Splotches

Thrift shops are often a great place to shop for a variety of bargains. I have to admit I have purchased my fair share of teapots in thrift shops and found some fabulous finds.  The teapot featured today came from Affordables here in Mason City.  You might remember that NIVC was one of my Comments for a Cause recipients not too many months ago and they run two Affordables stores here in Mason City.  I am always pleasantly surprised when I find a great buy and can help places like this all in the … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday

Bloggy friends are the absolute best.   Especially when they feed your habit.   Fortunately my habit is not something that is detrimental to my health ...yet.   On a recent visit to see Audrey from Minnesota Prairie Roots I was given a wonderful teapot that Audrey featured on her blog here that she found at a garage sale.  She parted with it and now it is in my collection along with a lovely handwritten note from Audrey that will stay with it.  Thanks, Audrey, for the wonderful Frankoma … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday Again!

This teapot is one that has become very special to me!  My sister, Paula, gave it to me when they were cleaning out her mother in law's house.  It is a pretty one and pretty common style for that time period----the brown with the bright colored paint is a typical type to be found in the 60's and 70's.  I love it and I love that I knew the woman who used it to make many pots of tea. Thank you Dorothy Archdeacon and thank you, Paula!!!  I love it!   … [Read more...]