Book List 2014

I am making great headway on my books read in 2014.  I have some more free time lately and have made a dent in a reading a few on my TBR list.   I am always looking for great books to read and recommendations of friends so chime in in the comments to tell me what your favorite book is that you have read lately.   I have a lot on my Kindle and a whole library full to read but I love recommendations! 1.January Thaw by Jess Lourey 2. Playing With Matches by Carolyn Wall 3. The Senior Moment by … [Read more...]

Good Reading? You Betcha!

It is no secret that I love books. From the first time I learned to read---wait---even BEFORE I learned to read I loved books.  My parents both instilled a love of books in me.  My  mom tells the story of one time when a guest was visiting our home and she commented that she was surprised that I was so young and was reading.  Well, what she had seen was me sitting on the steps "reading" a book that had been read to me so often that I had it memorized.  I suspect it was a Dr. Seuss book or Frick … [Read more...]

2014 Book Log

Books read in 2014 January Thaw by Jess Lourey Playing With Matches by Carolyn Wall The Senior Moment by Eva Hudson Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer Bootstrapped in Iowa by Sara Broers The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen The Testament of Mary by Colman Toibin The Front by Patricia Cornwall Blunt Impact by Lisa Black Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Michael Dicks Bean There, Done That by Sandra Balzo Brewed, Crude and … [Read more...]

Older Is Sometimes Better

Sometimes older is better. I am just saying. It seems like that is a silly thing to say but it is true. In this case I am referring to cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I have a pretty massive collection and find great comfort in thumbing through the pages of the varied ones that reside in my kitchen. My collection ranges from church cookbooks, civic group cookbooks put out by various groups and clubs I have been involved with, handed down cookbooks, handwritten notebooks from my Grandma Bonnie … [Read more...]

5 x 5

Five Things I am Passionate About My faith and belief in God. My family---close and extended.  I could not imagine life without them. Being kind to others---it is a very simple thing to do. Comments for a Cause---THE best thing I do on my blog. Staying connected with people who have meant something to me in my life-----too often we let friendships go by the wayside and with social media and technology it is so easy to stay connected today. 5 Things I Would Like to Do Before I … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading in 2013

My ongoing list of books read in 2013!!!   Have you read any of these yourself????  I have a Kindle full of books and a library at my fingertips so my goal to read 100 books this year is over halfway there!!! Can I do it??? Be The Miracle by Regina Britt Trouble in Love Valley by "Cotton" Ketchie Family History by Dani Shapiro Heaven Preserve Us by Cricket McRae A.P.E.  Author Publishing Entrepreneur by Guy  Kawasaki i Wallbanger by Alice Clayton The Fashion Police by Sibel … [Read more...]

Self -Compassion

Self esteem has long been considered the bedrock of individual success.  But high self-esteem may not be all that it's cracked up to be.  Thinking you're great (which of course you are) comes with pressure to live up to your own self-image.  You may live in quiet terror of making mistakes, and even worse, feel devastated when you do.  When faced with a challenge, you don't need to believe in your own brilliance as much as you need to confront your flaws head on.  Develop self-compassion, a … [Read more...]

Dangled Carat

My friend, Hilary, from Feeling Beachie fame has written a book and I was privileged to read an advance edition of it months ago.  It is a great memoir based on the commitment issues that her now husband, Marc, had and how they worked through it.  It is a really great book and I am privileged to have read it before it was actually published. Hilary is working on publishing options and has the book in the hands of two agents right now so things are looking very hopeful that this book will … [Read more...]

Ongoing 2013 Book List

Be The Miracle by Regina Britt Trouble in Love Valley by "Cotton" Ketchie Family History by Dani Shapiro Heaven Preserve Us by Cricket McRae A.P.E.  Author Publishing Entrepreneur by Guy  Kawasaki i Wallbanger by Alice Clayton The Fashion Police by Sibel Hodge Free Gift with Purchase by Jackie Pilosoph Finding Mia by  Rachel Burke The Soul of it All by Michael Bolton Giving from the Heart: 57 Ways to Show Your Love by Linda Johnson Dangled Carat by Hilary Rick … [Read more...]

2012 Book List

Updated list of books read in 2012! 1. Knee High by the 4th of July by Jess Lourey 2. Excuse Me, My Brain Has Stepped Out by Pandora Poikilos 3. October Fest by Jess Lourey 4. The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown 5.  My Funny Dad, Harry by Karen Arlettaz Zemeks 6. Beach Cottage Decor: Life’s Simple Pleasures by Cincy Adkins 7. An Honest Mistake by by Andrew Bliss 8.  A Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst 9.  Hidden Truths by Brenda Youngerman 10. Sparkle by Mara … [Read more...]