30 Day Challenge—Day 5

  Yet another post in my series of the 3o Day Challenge!! This time questions 21-25!!!! 21. How you hope your future will be... filled with lots of love and happiness, time on beaches with family and friends, financial security and a lot of great activities that help others. 22. Your academics: elementary school but no kindergarten which was not available to me where we lived at the time, middle / jr high and high school, graduated from Ohio Northern University and have never … [Read more...]

Follow Along with Friday Fill Ins!!!!

Join me for Follow Friday Four Fill In's sponsored by Hilary over at Feeling Beachie!  Each week Hilary lists 4 statements that we all get the chance to fill in on our own blogs!  She is always looking for statements so hop on over to her blog and give her your ideas!!!  Join in the fun and sign up using her linky .   It is a great way to meet new bloggers and see some great answers at the same time!  Here are the statements for this we This week’s statements: 1.       My first car was a … [Read more...]

Not the Wittiest Post I Have Posted

Thanks to Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her Friday blog hop!   This week I get to co-host which only means that I gave her a couple of questions!!   But what fun it is to see what everyone else comes up with!  If you hop over to Hilary's (click on the link above), you can link up and join in the fun. She is always looking for co-hosts, so give her some of your statements and lucky you---you will magically become a co-host at some point! This week's statements: 1. I have a _____at … [Read more...]

When I Grow Up

Decided to jump into a blog prompt offered over at The Lightning and The Lightning-Bug today where the Dare to Share is to write about your dream job and what you hoped to become when you grew up.  I was feeling a little dry uninspired after my 1000th blog post yesterday so I thought I would hop on this bandwagon and see what I could come up with. Thanks to the ladies over there for this great prompt!!!  Got me thinking for sure!!! Enjoy! When I was little my dream was to be a nurse.  Dressed … [Read more...]