It’s Teapot Tuesday, Cupcake!

A tiny little teapot to serve a cup of tea with your cupcake!  When I bought it I thought it was going to be larger than it actually is but no worries---it makes up for its size in cuteness.   Buddy once again wanted to get into the act and decided to sample my tea while I was away from it…..suffice it to say I did not finish that cup. “Dad was at his desk when I opened the door, doing what all British people do when they're freaked out: drinking tea.” ― Rachel … [Read more...]

6 Years Later–A Giveaway

When I started this blog 6 years ago today I had no idea what joy it would bring.  I started out on Blogger with a blog called Beth Ann's Musings and in 3 years time I migrated my blog to WordPress and renamed it It's Just LIfe--Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.  I have never looked back. Over the 6 years we have been on a bit of an adventure.   I have posted 1866 posts and have recorded 22,824 comments on my blog posts over that time (that includes my own comments/responses).  I … [Read more...]


It is my blogaversary!!!!  5 years ago today I made my first post which consisted of the following: So I am going to try this whole blog thing so that I can chronicle my life for you all. Of course that is going to take all of about 2 seconds but I thought with our exciting trip coming up it would be a good way to journal all of our exciting adventures. Let me know what you think! Following that silly entry came an additional 1556 posts of varying nature---from our travels and life in Australia … [Read more...]

Great Blogging Anniversary Link Up

My bloggy friend, Sweaty, of Do Sweat the Small Stuff is celebrating with 4 others her first blogaversary!!!  And because she is such a cool person she is doing a really neat anniversary link up complete with prizes!!! So of course I decided to show her my bloggy support and join in.  Check out her blog for more details--it is worth a look. She is an amazing person who is honest and writes about some really heartfelt topics that people don't always talk about.  And of course, check out the blogs … [Read more...]