Putting on the Crown Again

Another award!!! This one came from RoryBore and what a great blog she has over here! She is the mama of 3 and has a lot of great things to say---and not just about kids !!! I found her through a couple of other blogger friends and she is a great commenter which all us bloggers love!!! Thanks for the great award!! I love it!!! Rules say I must pass on to 15 other bloggers - you know I am breaking it. I also got another award from my buddy Jake over at Poems and Ponderings!!! He … [Read more...]

Candle Lighter Award and Liebster Blog Award

Sweet!!!! More awards, y'all!  Benzeknees has given me two fabulous awards!!!  I am so excited!!!  Check out her blog over here to learn more about her and to read some of her fabulous blog posts.  I am a fairly new follower of hers and love what she has to say about life !  Now on to the awards! Liebster Blog Award Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them Reveal your top 5 (or more) picks for the award & let them know by leaving a comment on … [Read more...]

Am I Versatile????? Someone Thinks So!

My friend, Brenda Youngerman, nominated me for an award!!! Woo hoo!  I have been very tardy in acknowledging this and doing the "requirements" but I am finally going to do it!!!  Yippee!!!  Brenda is a fabulous writer and has 7 books under her belt.  The neat thing about her books is that they have a deeper meaning---as she puts it they are Fiction with a Purpose.  I have read half of them so far and look forward to finishing up the series when I get a bit of time!!!  Click on that link above to … [Read more...]

I Have Been Lax

I have a dilemma and I need to figure out how to address it.  A few weeks ago I was almost famous.  Remember?  The guessing who could guess when The Idiot was going to reach 2 million views? I blogged about it here if you missed it the first time around.  I was sure that I could handle all the fame that would come my way if I won.  But I am finding out that maybe I am not cut out for that life. One of the things that bloggers do sometimes is give each other "awards" of sorts.  I have a few … [Read more...]

Bloggy Love

When I started this blog I didn't really know what I was getting into. I really didn't. I underestimated how much it would come to mean to me and how much I look forward to posting and more importantly how much I love comments!!! I found myself looking at my "stats" trying to figure out how many more followers I had and how many new friends I have made. It kind of took on a life of its own. Several weeks ago I got my first blog award and was thrilled that Bernie at One Mixed Bag had singled … [Read more...]