Blessings in the Ordinary

Today when I went out into the garage to get ready to do a bit of snow shoveling I tried to put my gloves onto my feet.  Oh I already had socks on and what I really was supposed to do was put my feet into my awaiting boots but something clicked in my brain, or rather, clicked off in my brain and I reached for the gloves I was carrying out and before I knew it I was bending down to put them on my feet.  One might start to wonder about me.  I know I am. But as usual, it got me to thinking. … [Read more...]

Blessings in a Jar

One of the latest things floating around Facebook land and all things Pinterest is a take on the Blessing Jar.  I decided to give it a go this year and see what I could do with it.   The concept is very simple---take a jar and over the year place in it notes of  things that you are grateful for, memories that you don't want to forget, experiences that are over the top and in general --just every thing that makes you smile.  At the end of the year you can take the papers out and relive those … [Read more...]

Gone Too Soon?

Life sometimes comes at you full force and hits you in the face.  I feel a little bit like that lately and today's post may be more for me than for any of my readers .  Sometimes it just helps me to put it down on paper.  Or in this case---on screen. I had it all planned out---a nice little early birthday vacation get away for my mom.  We were going to go spend a few days together, see a show, stay at a nice hotel and eat yummy food.  Plane ticket bought, hotel booked, show booked, routes … [Read more...]

That Farthest Shore (via poemsandponderings)

Seems like a great post for a Sunday morning and since I was coming up empty this morning---thanks to Jake---I have a post worth posting!!!        Sunday morning, I think something spiritual is in order. I just finished this on Friday last, (9/2/11) and in the nick time for this morning's sermon. That Farthest Shore  My body is but a vessel,  for the being that I am.  So, I won't bear no worldly troubles,  into the Promise Land.    I will take no earthly tortures,  no wounds, nor human pains, … [Read more...]

A Flashlight and A Man I Loved

  You saw correctly--that is a picture of a little flashlight.  I always carry it in my purse and today it has special significance.   You can understand because a very special man gave it to me the last time I saw him in August and today this very special man passed away.  When he gave it to me he said it was so that I could carry the light with me and whenever I reach into my purse and find it I think of him.  And today, I think of him even more. He shared a name with a famous … [Read more...]

Number 10—AND Happy Birthday!!!

I am thankful for my mom!!! Today is her 81st birthday so happy happy happy birthday!!!! … [Read more...]

Down Syndrome Couples Marry, Live Longer, Face Questions of Sex and Children – ABC News

A subject very close to my heart ----will have to hunt this one up online after it airs since we don't get HBO.   Check it out!  I get info from the National Down Syndrome Society and they posted this. Down Syndrome Couples Marry, Live Longer, Face Questions of Sex and Children - ABC News. … [Read more...]

Things To Be Happy About

I have been on a happy jag lately!!!   I think that is a good thing!  I blogged the other day about the Awesome book and today I have another one to share with you!  This one is called 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. I love it!!!  I really do!   The author, Barbara Ann Kipfer, started writing down things that made her happy back when she was in 6th grade---40 years of recording has yielded 95,000 entries!!! Can you imagine???  I am VERY impressed.  I … [Read more...]

Life Happens

Our stay in Lakeside is drawing to a hoo. It has been a fun week but gone too fast for sure. I realize that I have packed a lot into the past couple of weeks and it has been fabulous! Driving to Ohio to pick up my mom, flying to Arizona for Rachael and Nate's wedding, driving to Lakeside for a week of fun and tomorrow we head to Lima to spend some time with the Chiles side of the family. A couple of days of Auntie Beth and Meredith time and I will be all set!!! Can't wait! … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Nathan and Rachael Youmans!

Just a few pictures of the special day and a few of those who helped celebrate with them. I did not do too great of a job of photo documentation but will gather some from other people along the way! It was a beautiful ceremony and we were so blessed to be there to celebrate with them! I was too wrapped up in the ceremony to take pictures at all!!! … [Read more...]