84 and Going Strong

We all have them.  Mom.  Mother. Mama.  Mommy. Momma.   There is no way that you came into the world without one. Not all are perfect.  Not all can care for their child in the way that they deserve. I had and still have one of the best. She would argue that she was not and is not perfect but she did just fine, thank you very much. I am proof positive of what a loving family can produce .  Fortunately for me I was the youngest of four children so by the time they got to me they got … [Read more...]

Storage Units and Birthday Bashes

It's official.  We are some of "those people" who are renting a storage unit!  Yikes.  How did we get there?  Quite simply put---we got there because Chris's dad's house in Ohio has sold and we don't have time to UHaul our treasures across the country right now.  Whew.  We had an exhausting but productive weekend and I wanted to share a bit of our adventures. Chris and I went and secured said storage unit on Saturday morning.  Great owner and great conversation.  I quipped to her that I bet … [Read more...]

Did Someone Say Birthday??? !!!

Please indulge me today if I am a little misty eyed. I know I am hormonal. It just goes with being my age. But today our oldest turns 26 years old and quite honestly I don't know how that can be possible. You know when you think about having children you just really don't know what you are getting into. I mean--really. The late night feedings, the sleepless nights both when they are babies and then when they are teenagers and you are waiting for them to come home late at night fearing the worst. … [Read more...]