It Came! It Came!

Imagine my excitement when the doorbell rang and my "postie" handed me an airmail package!!!  Yippee!!  I had been promised that something was coming and I was holding out hope that my friend, Gillian, had sent me some delectable morsels of Australian goodness.   I looked at the package and saw that yes indeed---there were chocolate bikkies inside!!!  Unopened bikkies to be more precise and I knew that my friend had taken my not so subtle  hint and mailed me out of the goodness of … [Read more...]

The Results Are In!!!

Some of you know our love of the Tim Tam!  Well, imagine my complete joy yesterday when I discovered that Pepperidge Farm has their own offering at Target!!! I took pictures on my phone, emailed them, posted them on Facebook and tagged all my Australian friends!  I was overjoyed to find this little package of wonderfulness.   They do not make my all time favorite one---the mint ones---but these will do, little pig, these will do!!! I decided that we should embark upon a comparison so … [Read more...]