Just a Walk Through A Graveyard

Graveyards and cemeteries have always fascinated me.  There is just a lot of history and interesting facts that can be gathered from taking a leisurely walk through a place where many go to remember a loved one.  When I was in college I often went to the cemetery outside of town to study.  Weird, maybe, but no one bothered me there. When our boys were little we tried to teach them to respect places like cemeteries which many people hold as sacred spots.  Our oldest, Micah, called them "little … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

The Never Tired Captain Black of Cross Bay, Bermuda   … [Read more...]

Stones With History

I love to walk through cemeteries.  I know that might be a little odd but there is just something so intriguing to me about seeing old stones with weathered writing, leaning or fallen down, upright, adorned with flags or flowers or little mementos.  They tell a story in their own way so I never turn down the opportunity to stop and take one in on our travels. On our recent trip to Bermuda we toured St. Peter's Church (you can read my post here) and the Unfinished Church (you can read that post … [Read more...]

Their Majesties Chappell

A few weeks ago I shared a post on a lovely church in Bermuda that was left unfinished that we fell in love with.  You can check that post out by clicking here.  The church that was left unfinished was supposed to replace St. Peter's Church which is the one that I am featuring today. From the climbing steps to the white steeple this church is magical and we were thrilled to be able to tour it on one of the most beautiful days in our week in Bermuda.  This lovely church is located in … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday–Bermuda Style

Today's teapot is pretty special. I know that I say that about all of my teapots in my collection but this one really is.  I picked up this sweet little teapot on our recent trip to Bermuda and as I watch the snow fall today I am wishing I was back on that island.  The really neat thing about this teapot is that it has a story. Now look at this signature on the bottom of this sweet Bermuda teapot. Yes, that would be THE Carol Holding. One of the things that Mr. Diamond did in … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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The Unfinished Church

One of my favorite stops on our recent trip to Bermuda was to visit the quaint town of St. George's.  We had a lovely time strolling around the very quiet town on a warm and sunny day and were thrilled to be able to visit so many of the historic and beautiful places that were within walking distance.  Since our visit was timed in the off season for the island we did not have to fight crowds of people and it really was the most wonderful way to visit the island. Being part of a church family … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunny Skies, Warm Sand, Rainbows and Gentle Breezes

If you are anything like me you look forward to March because it usually means that spring is on  the way.  It has been a pretty brutal winter in the Midwest and quite frankly almost everywhere so when the hubby suggested a Valentine's Day trip to Bermuda  I jumped on the proverbial plane bandwagon and got ready to enjoy some warmth and fun in the sun.  Little did I know all the twists and turns that life would take prior to the trip.  I am often grateful that I can not see into the … [Read more...]

Top Twelve Things I Learned in Bermuda

This past week Mr. Diamond and I have been in Bermuda.  Our trip got delayed 3 days because we could not get out of Atlanta, we rearranged our flights and accommodations and still were able to make the trip.  It is our last one scheduled for awhile so we decided to make the most of getting away from the horrible weather (yes, another blizzard hit while we were gone) and enjoy ourselves.  I learned a few things along the way. No trip to Bermuda is complete without being met at the airport … [Read more...]