Happy Thanksgiving Bahama Style

As hoped---our Thanksgiving week has turned out to be pretty darn wonderful.  We will miss eating turkey with our extended family but will be feasting on some good old Bahama Thanksgiving food today.  Enjoy the pictures and if you are in a colder place--feel the warmth!!!  Thankful for each of you!! … [Read more...]

Trying out this Blog Hop Thingy!!!

So I am getting more savvy about this whole bloggy thing---aren't you all so proud of me?  I have gotten a lot more viewers and am trying to figure out some of the finer parts of blogging!   One is to participate in a blog hop and we will see if I get this one figured out right!!!  I have been experimenting with a couple of things that are supposed to allow me to put in recommendations of things that relate to my post but so far that hasn't worked too well!   Like I said---still learning! But … [Read more...]

What My Summer Has Lacked

I just realized what my summer has missed!  A trip to the beach!  I LOVE the beach.   When we were living in Australia we actually lived ON the beach.  Well, we did not actually live on the beach but I could walk out the back door and be on the beach in a few seconds!  It was lovely.  I miss that.  A lot.  So when my sister sent me this pictures of a sand castle building contest in Oregon that her friend Joan had sent to her it made me smile and miss the beach a bit.  Enjoy the slideshow! … [Read more...]