Before and After

Because I know that you all were worried about my ruined TOMS.........set those worries aside. All is well again! … [Read more...]

Humpbacks Galore

On Monday we ventured out a ways to go find some whales! We were told that there were not many around the Halifax area but since that was one thing on our list of things to do we were willing to make the 4 1/2 hour drive to go see some!!! We were NOT disappointed at all and this was probably the highlight of the trip for me! We found a great company to hook up with Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruises and took the 1:30 cruise out of Brier Island in order to see some of the amazing … [Read more...]

Muddy TOMS pics!!

So here they are--the muddy TOMS pics though they got worse by the time I was done!!! Gotta love TOMS! Check em out if you don't know anything about them!!! … [Read more...]

High Tides and Muddy TOMS

Finally getting the chance to blog a bit about our adventures! Will space this out over a couple of posts and share some pictures! Chris has some on his camera and I may have to add a few of his later! He has some great shots but I will be sure to give credit where credit is due for his pictures!!! We have had such wonderful weather---we really have! It is amazing!!! We have had the best weather ever and from the sounds of it our luck has been just that---luck!! Seems like it is not … [Read more...]

Still Trying to Find the Perfect Theme

I know! Just when you get used to a new theme I up and change it again! I liked the last layout but it was hard to find the "comment" button so hopefully this one will encourage you guys to comment a bit more! Jury is still out on it ! Still trying to collect more "pet peeves" before I award the aforementioned gift card. I KNOW there are a lot of you reading who have something to share so come on---share it!!! Laundry done, ironing done and today I concentrate on house cleaning and … [Read more...]