From Kermit to Cookies

Whew.  I am exhausted.  Mind you I don't have much to be exhausted about.  Other than that pesky getting the house ready to sell  thing which aside from being a lot of work is a tad bit emotional. I love this house. I love our animal friends that come to visit our yard. I love our deck. I love our neighbors even if their yard always looks a bazillion times better than ours. I love finding treasures when I clean out the closets that are filled to the max. I could very easily … [Read more...]

A Bit of Dough Love

Sometimes I find a product that I love and I have to share it with the world. Today is one of those days.   I don't do sponsored posts but every once in awhile I find something that makes me so happy that I just have to share the love.   I did not receive any compensation for writing this post---it is just my own personal experience and love of the product. And what is this product, you ask?  Why it is the EZ Doh manual bread maker!    Ginny (AKA The Loaf Lady) and Dave are the creators of … [Read more...]

Friday Fun

Wow---how did it get to be Friday already????  Joining in on Hilary's Friday Fill In fromFeeling Beachie.  Hop on over to her blog and join in if you want!  Each week she features 4 statements for us to answer and this week the questions are as follows: This week's Statements: 1. _____is my favorite thing to cook 2. I don’t know if I could still do it, but when I was a kid, I was really good at ____ 3. The best thing about last week was _________ 4. The worst thing about where I … [Read more...]

Snow, Countdown and Talking Nativity

The time to Christmas is winding down.....I think I am ready! The hardest thing will be packing for the trip but hey--I am a packing professional by now so I ought to be able to get that done without too much stress. The snow here has slowed things down a bit but I have managed to get the cookies made, the cards / letters written and sent, the presents wrapped and shipped with enough time left over to enjoy the husband's birthday and Christmas! Yea for me!!! Not working is definitely a plus … [Read more...]

Cookiepalooza Continues

Don't forget---make a comment on any post on my blog in the next few days and you can be the winner of a shipment of fresh baked Christmas cookies!!!! Just wanna share the love a bit!!! Several friends posted this video of Northpoint Ministries using their Ipads and Cellphones to create Christmas music---pretty amazing and a great thing to listen to while you eat those cookies you win!!! Merry Christmas!!! … [Read more...]

Go With the Flow!

Plans change sometimes! I am learning to be more flexible in my "old" age. Used to be if something did not get done --if I had imposed a deadline on myself for something...say getting my Christmas letters written and mailed---I would stress until it was done. Not anymore. This is the new improved Beth Ann. I am learning that those self imposed deadlines aren't always going to happen and that it is okay if they don't! When I was in the paid work environment it was a different story of … [Read more...]