A Wrong Turn, A Dead End Road and A Odd Discovery

I am notorious for having no sense of direction.   That is why I have my Billy Bob Thornton Karl from Slingblade voice GPS.   When I am driving around town I don't usually need to use Billy Bob because our town is not all that big.   One day I got all turned around going someplace and I wound up someplace bizarre. I was not sure what to make of it and didn't stop to investigate because 1) I was alone, 2) there was a pickup truck parked watching my every move as I turned around and 3) I … [Read more...]

Reynolda Ramblings

Ever been to Reynolda Village, Reynolda Gardens and Reynolda House and Museum of American Art in Winston Salem????   I can now say that I have been!  On my recent trip to North Carolina I met my best friend Ann for the day and we explored all that this great area had to offer. Reynolda House is the restored 1917 home of Katherine Smith Reynolds and her husband Richard Joshua Reynolds who was founder of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company.   The home is furnished in period furnishings and has … [Read more...]

You Don’t Really Know Her

I love meeting people !  I love meeting online people that I may never ever get to meet in person.  It is kind of what I do these days.  But more on that later. I first "met" Leslee Horner when I started following her blog Waiting for the Click.  She had a great blog and was a fabulous and engaging writer.  I honestly am not sure how I first found her but I found myself very excited when she would write a new post.  Her words usually carried quite an impact with me and I was grateful I had … [Read more...]