Pat Down, Fraud Alert, Jean Jackets, Automatic Toilets and Siri–A Few Things I Encountered Last Week

I just got home from a short trip to see family and beyond and as always there are stories.  It is what makes my life my life.  I can't make some of this stuff up, that is for sure.  A quick synopsis of a few things that I encountered during my week away. TSA has been unusually friendly to me the past few trips.  I know they are doing their jobs and I certainly would not want to have to go through what they experience much of the time.  Daily encounters with people who are not versed in … [Read more...]

Dear Delta

Dear Delta, I have tried to like you, I really have. Even though you have misplaced my luggage numerous times and left me stranded in places I have not always wanted to be. Even though my luggage has seen places my feet have never been I still have tried to believe in you. But why , Delta, why? Why do I have a platinum American Express card if I get no perks? Why did the last Delta agent give me a free piece of checked luggage and "put me in the system" when the agent today says I don't … [Read more...]