Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS)

Yep---we are in here!!! We made Huffington Post!!!!! Take that, Freshly Pressed!!!!! Slides 29 and 30----check us out!!!!! Long Marriage: Couples Married More Than 30 Years (PHOTOS). … [Read more...]

I Have Been Lax

I have a dilemma and I need to figure out how to address it.  A few weeks ago I was almost famous.  Remember?  The guessing who could guess when The Idiot was going to reach 2 million views? I blogged about it here if you missed it the first time around.  I was sure that I could handle all the fame that would come my way if I won.  But I am finding out that maybe I am not cut out for that life. One of the things that bloggers do sometimes is give each other "awards" of sorts.  I have a few … [Read more...]

My Fleeting Moment

If you read yesterday's post you know that I was almost famous.  Today I am going to have my 15 minutes of fame, thanks to The Idiot at The Idiot Speaketh!   He promised to let me do a guest blog on his great blog even though I did not win the 2 million view guessing contest--what a guy!  So I reworked a post and even though parts of it may sound familiar I would LOVE it if you stopped over there and checked it out.  Just click on this link here and it will take you right on over there. Click … [Read more...]