Take Heart

Take heart.  He is peace. May you be enveloped in peace today on this second Sunday of Advent. It is difficult at times to understand the violence and unrest in our world but there is One who came to heal the wounds.  Look to Him today for the peace that your heart seeks. Shalom, my friends. // … [Read more...]

So What is all the Hoo Haa About Advent???

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Advent has always been a really special time for me.  I have great childhood memories of growing up and having special traditions during Advent.  Advent is the time of preparation and and expectant waiting for the celebration of the nativity of Christ. Sometimes it gets kind of lost in the whole "celebration" of the holiday.   We are supposed to be preparing for Christ--not preparing for all the commercialism.  I get lost in it all.  I will be the first to admit that.  It is not hard.  I've got … [Read more...]