It’s My Birthday Boy!

It's a birthday celebration today!!!  Yipppeeeeeee!   Our youngest, Aaron, turns 23 today!  I know I am way too young to have a 23 and 26 year old but when you consider that I got married at the tender age of 5 it all fits!   I love my boys and am so doggone proud of them and just have to embarrass them with cutsie pictures every time I get a chance so here it goes!  Just a few this time, Aaron!  Not too incriminating or embarrassing!!!   Check em out and join me in wishing the hippest 23 year … [Read more...]

From Preemie to a Ripe Old Age of 22

Today is our "baby's " 22nd birthday! Hard to believe that that cute little baby who decided to pop into the world 6 weeks (at a whopping 5 pounds 10 ounces) early is now 22, a college grad and a fabulous young man! We are blessed. Of course a mama gets a little nostalgic around birthdays and remembers all the cool parties along the way. Doubt that Aaron would want that McDonald's party anymore! I always tried to make birthdays extra special because that was one thing I remember about my … [Read more...]