Slightly Savory Saturday

It is soup weather in our house and I am whipping up all kinds of yumminess whenever I can in the form of soup. This recipe is probably the easiest one ever because it uses prepackaged ravioli and takes very little time to prepare.   Quick Ravioli and Spinach Soup Boil 1 9 ounce package refrigerated small cheese ravioli in 2 - 32 ounce cartons of chicken broth with 1/4 tsp onion powder and a dash of pepper for 7 - 10 minutes.  Add 4 cups chopped fresh spinach and 3 cups shredded cooked chicken … [Read more...]

Older Is Sometimes Better

Sometimes older is better. I am just saying. It seems like that is a silly thing to say but it is true. In this case I am referring to cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I have a pretty massive collection and find great comfort in thumbing through the pages of the varied ones that reside in my kitchen. My collection ranges from church cookbooks, civic group cookbooks put out by various groups and clubs I have been involved with, handed down cookbooks, handwritten notebooks from my Grandma Bonnie … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Dreaming of the Perfect Car—-I May Have Found It!

Finally.  The perfect car.  Oh yes---I know what you are thinking.  We all have specific ideas of what comprises the perfect vehicle but I think I may have found it and it could be mine for just one short day.  The Weinermobile---yes---you read correctly.  The Weinermobile. For a very short time anyone can join in on the chance to "lease" the car for the day by simply tweeting about their love of  all things Weinermobile.  The contest is the brain child of the  Oscar Mayer folks and for a … [Read more...]

“Expert” Advice

I am "scarfily" challenged.   What that means is that try as I might I can never seem to make the pretty scarves that I have hanging in my closet look anything like other people make them look.  I love the look of adding a scarf to just accessorize and dress up an outfit but I have tried all of those Pinterest ideas and mine just don't turn out looking anything like the pictures.  Until now! I found a great You Tube video via Cinch.  If you have never heard of Cinch it is a fairly new social … [Read more...]

To Market We Go!

Did you ever find a business that drew you in and invited you to become part of their family?   I feel that way about Market 124 located at 124 North Delaware in Mason City, Iowa.   Katie Wold and her husband, Dave, bought the former Olde Central Antique Mall and renovated the space to highlight the original space that boasts exposed concrete columns and the original concrete and tile floor. Those coupled with the  high ceilings and blocked glass windows lend to a welcoming area for local … [Read more...]

Blessing Bag To Go

I used to carry bags of goodies around in my car to give to those folks I might happen upon who were standing at intersections asking for help.  I kind of got out of the habit and the other day I saw a woman with a cardboard sign and I had nothing.  I resolved then and there to rectify that problem and always have something in my car to hand out the window to anyone I passed that might be a little bit down on their luck. I know that not everyone who has a cardboard sign has the story that the … [Read more...]

I Fell for the Infomercial

I didn't turn the television off soon enough.   I left it on after the show I was watching was over and even though I was in and out of the room I saw it.  I got sucked into it.   I sat down.  I oohed and aahhed.   I sat with rapt attention.I went to their website.   I looked at all the options.   I checked the payment plans.  I got out my credit card.I filled in the info.  I clicked.I fell for it.You see---I dream of beautiful hair.   That perfect cut that I came out of Kush Salon with just a … [Read more...]

Nothings Says I Love You Like Matching Outfits

The closest I have ever come to dressing like my spouse has been at Halloween parties in years gone by. A lot of years gone by! Mr. Diamond is always sending me interesting articles and bits of trivia to use on my blog.  Recently he sent me an article that he read in the Wall Street Journal that caught my eye.  Mainly because it is all about love.  And I am nothing if I am not a love promoter. Evidently there is a new trend in China that (keeping my fingers crossed) may hit the United … [Read more...]

It’s The Cat’s Meow!

I fully admit that my cats are spoiled but hey----we are empty nesters and have to have some distraction in life.   Recently a certain commercial has been getting a lot of airplay.  The other day I was sitting in the chair when it came on the screen with Buddy on my lap.  He immediately got up, moved to the arm of the chair and actually watched the commercial.   I have never seen him watch the tv before. I sent my friend, Ann, the picture because when she was here we talked about this … [Read more...]

My Dirty Little Secret

Today  I am going to wage war.  By the time you finish reading this post I will be elbow deep in my pantry. Yes, I have a dirty little secret.   Today I lay it all out in front of you all ----I am baring my soul. I have pantry moths.   There.  I said it.  Pantry moths have invaded my house. Those annoying little pests that find the tiniest hole in a bag of flour, box of cereal or bag of rice and make themselves at home.  I did not invite them.  They are not welcome here but I know how … [Read more...]