Beauty in Aerosol?

I have a confession to make.  I like to find new fun products and see what trips my trigger.  I like to stay cutting edge……well….maybe not but it sounds good! I have been subscribing to Ipsy for a few months now (and I am not a paid blogger for them, btw) and have never really offered much up here on my blog about them. Ipsy is a fun monthly cosmetic / beauty subscription service that allows the consumer to try new products without having to leave the comfort of home.  Each month a Glam Bag … [Read more...]

What’s App????

A lot of you may know that I love my iPhone.  I have had various iterations of it for years and have loved each and every one just a little bit better.  Currently I am in need of a new one because my camera is wonky on this one and it is driving me nuts.  I can not take any pictures that aren't blurry and that just does not work for me so I have son number 2 working on locating me a new one. Today I was thinking about how much I use my phone and what my favorite apps are and I thought it … [Read more...]

Shopping in the Sky

You know that I love to share, right?  I am that kind of person.  The kind that likes to share great things with her friends so today I am going to share yet some more wonderful gift ideas from the SkyMall magazine.  A recent trip to North Carolina allowed me the pleasure to travel via Delta Airlines and peruse the always available SkyMall magazine for delightful finds.  I was not disappointed.  Actually this time I did find some things that were great ideas.  You might recall my previous post … [Read more...]

My New Friend is a Bit of a Devil

I might have alluded to it before here on It's Just Life---I am a number one class A klutz.  If there is something that I can hurt myself on I will do it.  Even if it is something that I can not hurt myself on I will find a way to injure, impale or sever some body part . Oh you doubt me?  Let me tell you--this is one lady who can cut herself opening gum.  You know those little foil covered packs that slide out of the package.  One time as I was punching the little rectangle of gum out of the … [Read more...]

Teapot Tuesday–Bermuda Style

Today's teapot is pretty special. I know that I say that about all of my teapots in my collection but this one really is.  I picked up this sweet little teapot on our recent trip to Bermuda and as I watch the snow fall today I am wishing I was back on that island.  The really neat thing about this teapot is that it has a story. Now look at this signature on the bottom of this sweet Bermuda teapot. Yes, that would be THE Carol Holding. One of the things that Mr. Diamond did in … [Read more...]

A Bit of Dough Love

Sometimes I find a product that I love and I have to share it with the world. Today is one of those days.   I don't do sponsored posts but every once in awhile I find something that makes me so happy that I just have to share the love.   I did not receive any compensation for writing this post---it is just my own personal experience and love of the product. And what is this product, you ask?  Why it is the EZ Doh manual bread maker!    Ginny (AKA The Loaf Lady) and Dave are the creators of … [Read more...]

Good Reading? You Betcha!

It is no secret that I love books. From the first time I learned to read---wait---even BEFORE I learned to read I loved books.  My parents both instilled a love of books in me.  My  mom tells the story of one time when a guest was visiting our home and she commented that she was surprised that I was so young and was reading.  Well, what she had seen was me sitting on the steps "reading" a book that had been read to me so often that I had it memorized.  I suspect it was a Dr. Seuss book or Frick … [Read more...]

Traveling? Take These Along!

We have had the privilege of being allowed to travel a bit in the past few years and if there is anything that I have learned in our travels, both domestic and international, it is to be prepared, pack as lightly as possible and make a list.  Today I thought I would share with you some of the things that I pack in my suitcase that you may not have thought to pack. 1. Outlet strip.   Our youngest son gifted me this handy dandy outlet strip that goes with me everywhere. The plug actually plugs … [Read more...]

Fridge Top 5

What do you ALWAYS have in your fridge?  Today I thought I would share the top 5 things that you can always find in my refrigerator. 1. Almond Milk.   I am not a milk drinker at all and when the hubby said we should try Almond Milk I was not impressed.  I figured it would be icky and not tasty. Boy, was I ever wrong!  Not only is it wonderful the shelf life is so much longer than regular milk that I don't waste it nearly as much as when we were buying the regular milk.  It is easier on the … [Read more...]


I have been getting comments lately about my key chain. I don't know why all of the sudden people are noticing it but they are. What do you think? Would you notice and comment on it? I suspect it is really not the adorable red B fob or the almost worn off I <3 NC with a smiley face bead that folks are noticing but instead all of my "loyalty" key tags. I was thrilled when places started letting go of the credit card sized cards that linked you to their store and were vehicles for … [Read more...]