Books Read in 2012

1. Knee High by the 4th of July by Jess Lourey The best way to start the year off is to read a Jess Lourey book. I am quickly working my way through them and will be so sad when I have read all that she has written so far. Love her style and her humor and the twists and turns along the way. By far my favorite author !!!!

2. Excuse Me, My Brain Has Stepped Out by Pandora Poikilos This was an interesting book that I happened upon on a Kindle site. The price was right and I downloaded it. The book is a series of letters written to a father by a daughter and I got a little lost along the way–thinking it would be a little different than it was -but it was still a good book to read to be part of a diary that journaled her illness and the steps along the way.

3. October Fest by Jess Lourey LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! Jess remains my favorite author. And yes–I am on a first name basis with her! 🙂 Her witty and fast moving novels make me laugh out loud repeatedly to the point where the hubby has to check on me! She has yet to disappoint me. I start reading and can not put it down. That is a sign of a good book to me!!!

4. The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown
What a great book!!! The author details the life of 3 sisters, their lives entwining over the years and the effect of the illness of their mother on their complicated and often entertaining lives. I started this one and was drawn in immediately. Great read for anyone with a sister!!!

5.  My Funny Dad, Harry by Karen Arlettaz Zemeks 

I follow Karen’s blog and finally took time to read her book about her father.  I totally enjoyed reading about this unique man and his love of his cats!  The book was a great read and one that I know Karen worked hard on and it makes it even more special to be able to read something from someone you know!!!  Find it on Kindle or on Amazon and read about Harry!!!

6. Beach Cottage Decor: Life’s Simple Pleasures by Cincy Adkins  I love beach decor and this freebie on Kindle was a nice short book to get some ideas on how to decorate in beach decor.  I didn’t get any really unique ideas but it was nice to have some basic ideas in one place.

7. An Honest Mistake by by Andrew Bliss A funny quirky Kindle single that made me laugh with its funny twists!

8.  A Life Worth Living by Jennifer Probst  A fabulous book by a friend of a blogging friend about a dog and his life written from his point of view.  A must read for any pet lover!

9.  Hidden Truths by Brenda Youngerman  Another fabulous book from Brenda that hits hard on an issue that remains hidden too often.  Hard to read at times and hard to put down until you finish—recommended highly for anyone who wants to read a story with a message!

10. Sparkle by Mara Altman  The author delves into the history of the engagement ring and why there is so much emphasis placed on THE ring.  Great insight into what the engagement ring is all about.  A Kindle single which was an enjoyable read if you ever wondered!!!

11.  The Rocky Road to Romance by Janet Evanovich  A fun quick read by Evanovich–one of her earlier romance novels that has the first glimpse of Bob the Dog.  Fun afternoon read for those of you who like romance or who are Evanovich fans!

12. The Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell  As always I am in love with anything that Patricia Cornwell writes and this book was no exception.  I had to take breaks while reading it which did not make me happy but life called.  Dr. Kay Scarpetta is at it again in this book and this time she is trying to find out what happened to her former deputy chief–Jack Fielding. The book takes twists and turns along the way and takes the reader right along.  Great book!

13. The Rainy Day House by Linda Legeza.   I picked this book up when I was at Lakeside, OH this past summer as it is authored by a woman who spends her summers in Lakeside.  I was intrigued and wanted to see what the author would write about since it was supposed to be about Lakeside.  I was not disappointed.  From the descriptions of the town to the restaurants and Hoover Auditorium it helped fill my Lakeside void for a few hours.  The story itself is a romantic tale of two people who find each other after loves are lost, their families and many other complicated scenarios but it all makes for an enjoyable read.  Especially when the reader knows the places that are being written about.  Any Lakeside lover would love this book!

14. Bossypants by Tina Fey  I am a huge Tina Fey fan.  Not sure if it was the Sarah Palin characterization that won me over or what but I like her so when I saw her book at the library I thought it was worth a read.  It was funny, crude in parts but overall a funny read that made me chuckle out loud.

15  House of Secrets by Tracie Peterson  

I started this book and wasn’t really sure if it was one that I was going to finish.  Ever have one of those?  It is a Christian novel and sometimes I am not a huge fan of those because too often they sound like the Christian message is being forced and not really a true part of the story.  This novel revolves around a family with many secrets that start to unravel as the book goes on.  I stuck with it and decided that it was worth my time.   The Christian message is there but it fits as part of the whole story —-as the family discovers how to be a family again, God enters and plays a huge part in the healing process.   Good book to read if you have questions about if Christians have problems or if life is easy!

16. Getting Old Can Kill You  by Rita Lakin.   Imagine a retirement community with a group of private investigators who try to solve cases and this is what you get.  A funny series which one reviewer likened to “the Golden Girls play Nancy Drew”.   The ending was surprising, to say the least, and even though I had this one on my Kindle and had stopped reading it to start another book I was able to pick right up where I left off and join in the fun again!  Fun series to read.

17. Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly     I had pre-ordered this book on Amazon and it was one of the few I actually got in hard copy and not on my Kindle.  I had forgotten all about it and then it arrived and I figured it would make for a great Sunday afternoon read which it did.   From start to finish I saw glimpses of Evanovich’s writing style and the book, though a love story that I don’t usually seek out, was a fun read.  The characters were interesting and the pace of the story kept me interested in what was going to happen next and kept me guessing who the “villain” was.  Fun book and worth a look!

18.  I Travel by Train by Rollo Walter Brown   I am on my journey through my Great Great Uncle’s books and this book was much more than I expected it to be.  Written in the depression Brown depicts characters and life during that time as he travels by train throughout the country.  I found myself connecting with his love of talking to people and getting to know their story—-i think I have a bit of him in me.  His description of poverty in the chapter entitled “Waste” struck me and I will be expounding on that at some date, I am sure.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one I have chosen to read.



  1. Wow. Your list from last year was impressive and you are off to a good start this year.
    I am only on book # 4 so far and my goal is to read 52 books this year. I need to “step it up” so to speak.

    I am enjoying your blogs.

  2. I don’t know who Mary Ellen is, but I am assuming your answer was in response to my post. 🙂


    • Oops—I “assumed” it was my friend Mary Ellen who has an email addy similar to yours!!! So sorry for the mixup!!! But I am happy that you commented and would love to hear what YOU like to read! I am not always a deep book reader as you can tell from my lists!!! But that is okay!!! Thanks again!

  3. That is o.k Beth Ann. 🙂

    My book list so far:
    “Unbroken” from Laura Hillenbrandt.- an account of the life of Louie Zamperini who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a runner and was training for the 1940 Olympics in Tokyo. War broke out and he enlisted and was subsequently captured in Japan as a POW. The POW’s and Louie were horribly tortured, but he survived. Many were not so lucky. It was a hard book to read.

    ” A flight of Rain Birds” by Maarten ‘t Hart. Also a very “deep” involving book.

    “Fairy Tales” by Mary Englebrecht to lighten things up somewhat after all that.
    I love Fairty Tale books and have a collection of them.

    “The Hard Way” by Mark Jenkins. A collection of short stories about mountain cimbing. Most interesting. I love his books.


    • Thanks for sharing!! I love to hear what others are reading!!! And your list is challenging to put it mildly. I think that “Unbroken” sounds great but very hard to read!!! Glad you got some fairy tales in there, too!!!

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