Books Read-2011

1.  The Babysitter by Diana Diamond ( a quick somewhat predictable piece of fiction)

2.  Thicker Than Water (essays by Adult Siblings of People with Disabilities)   Edited by Don Meyer

This is quite an eye opening book written by adults who have brothers and sisters with a range of disabilities from Down Syndrome to Autism to Cystic Fibrosis.   I would not say it is an easy read at all—while some of the essays are heartwarming others are heart wrenching.  Definitely a good book for anyone who has an interest in disabilities and how it affects those around them. 3.  The Day the Music Died by Ed Gorman

A Sam McCain mystery—figured I had to read something about Buddy Holly!  Quick read with a few Buddy Holly facts interspersed throughout.  Enjoyable!

4.  Plum Lovin by Janet Evanovitch—Great read.  I am such a Janet Evanovich fan and this was the only one of hers that I have not read.  A mere 164 large print pages and just fun to read like all of her books!   Enjoy!

5. Dumping Billy by Olivia Goldsmith

This book was a disappointment to me.  I have read other books by Goldsmith and found them to be entertaining and the characters were well developed and thought out.  This was not the case with this book–although it was an easy read and went quickly the characters were shallow and led me to read some reviews which suggested that the death of Ms. Goldsmith came while she was writing and the book may have been finished by someone else.  Well, I don’t know about that but it did not seem up to the usual depth of her previous books.  Regardless I guess the take away from the book was that you do have to look deeper inside people sometimes and not just take them at face value.  I would recommend that you read other books by Olivia Goldsmith before you read this one.

6.  I Am Nujood–Age 10 and Divorced by Nujood AliThis was an excellent book and an amazing story about a Yeman girl who changed the customs of her country by seeking a divorce at the age of 10!   Amazing story and it pulled me in from the very beginning!  Highly recommended!

7. Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner   A nice book with interesting characters and a little insight into the complicated friendships of women.

8.  Between Heaven and Ground Zero by Leslie Haskin   This was definitely not an easy book to read but and it is probably the only 9/11 book that I have actually read.  It was well written and I think a gut wrenching portrayal of someone who lived through this experience .   A pretty fast read but disturbing because it was so vivid in places—understandably so.  If you want to learn more about PTSD a first hand account that you should read.

9. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin                 This is the first book that I remember reading by this author and I totally enjoyed it.  It is obviously part of a series and I am now on track to read the next one in line.   Good summer time reading—-though it is not summertime right now I am pretending that it is!!!  Enjoy!

10.  Something Blue by Emily Giffin

So I am continuing on with Ms. Giffin’s books as you can see. This one was also fun to read.  Great kind of beach read type books–nothing too serious but just good fun reading!!!

11. Falling out of Fashion by Karen Yampolsky    Just another fun book to read—not a deep read or challenging but a fun summer/beach/airport read!   Details the life of Jill who creates “Jill” magazine—complete with the challenges of workplace relationships and dramas which are fun to read about. Characters are believable and I am sure based on real life celebs but I am so out of touch with that that I would not conjure a guess as to who anyone was really supposed to be.  Great fun book to read when you don’t want to think much!!!

12. Millies Fling by Jill Mansell    FUN book!

13. Twelve by Nick McDonell—written by the author when he was 17.   I was not really impressed with the book —-about a drug dealer named White Mike, not very deep story line and was a very quick read.  That is about all I can say for it.

14.  Perfect Timing by Jill Mansell—Fun book by Mansell.  She is a good story teller who draws her audience in by developing fun characters who get themselves into predicaments.   Great beach book!

15  The Boy on the Bus by Deborah Schupack

So I obviously did not get this book.  It was a quick one sitting read but I guess I just did not get the point of it.  I would not call it a mystery as it was promoted as and I guess I just did not dig deep enough to get the whole point of it.   Maybe someone else who has read it has a different view—I know the reviews I read were glowing but I put it down thinking “What was the point?”   Sorry!

16. Fragile Beasts Tawni O’Dell

I picked this book up at the library because it just looked like a story that I would enjoy and I was right!  Great book by this New York Times Bestseller author !  The story line revolves around bullfighting, Spain, teenaged boys, an older woman and all the intricacies  of complex relationships.   It was one of those books that I found hard to put down once I had started it so if you choose this one be prepared to not get any work done for awhile.  And the bonus is you will actually learn a lot about bullfighting!  Enjoy!

17.  Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult  Another great book by Jodi!  She always picks current topics and relevant material to write about and she did not disappoint me in this book.  This time she focuses on Christianity, gay rights and the rights of “pre-born” children and as always–researched thoroughly and wrote her novel with out trying to convince the reader of what is “right or wrong”.   The novel ends and it is up to the reader to make their own decisions about what they believe about all of these issues and she does a great job of challenging once again!  Highly recommended!!!

18. Heaven is for Real : A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd, Sonia and Colton Burpo, Lynn Vincent

What a book!  I had seen this family on a morning talk show and had been told by my mom that I should read this!  And you know we always need to listen to our moms so I did!  What a great read and what an insight into what heaven is (and is not!).   This amazing story of an extremely young boy who witnessed heaven first hand really brought tears to my eyes in several places.  His simplistic and matter of fact attitude about what he experienced makes me wonder how non Christians can continue on as non Christians!  I guess it is up to us to help them understand the big picture, right?  Anyway, for anyone who has questions about what can follow death–I encourage you to read.  Short and easy to finish in an hour or so—well worth the price!

19. Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner  Another great book by Jennifer Weiner!   I thoroughly enjoyed this book which highlights the life of a complicated family with twists and turns and drama everywhere.  A great story about a mother/daughter relationship and worth reading!

20. Bubbles A Broad by Sarah Strohmeyer 
My first time to read this author and i totally enjoyed it!!! Great funny writing style and characters like the ones in Janet Evanovich novels. Many similarities in the authors and I loved it. Will definitely be picking up more!!!

21.  Make Him Look Good  by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez   This novel by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez was a fun book to read. The characters were full of life and drama and I immediately got drawn into their lives.  It was described in several reviews as a “beach read” and even though I had no sand under my toes when I read it I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Need a book that you can delve into and not put down for awhile??  This is the one!! Enjoy!

22.  A Chef’s Journal by Chef Kenny Gilbert AND Virginia J. Pillsbury!   I was so excited to find this book because my friend from our Navy days in Orlando is the editor!!!  And I watch Top Chef and was cheering Kenny on in season 7!     This is a great story of a journey –it takes some twists and turns but it is a heart warming and wonderful story of a chef and his journey.  The bonus—-recipes!!!! Lots of recipes!!!       23.  Henry the Great Blue Heron and His Adventures by Sondra Perry    I found this book through my son who has become acquainted with the author through his work relationship with her husband.   He told me I needed to buy it and of course I did—I love children’s books and I love stories about animals. This is a sweet story about a blue heron who becomes a pet of sorts for the Perry family.  The illustrations are wonderful and a percentage of the profits go to help support Shepherd Gate Women and Children’ s Shelter in Livermore, CA.

24.  Leaving Home–shorts by Jodi Picoult    I got this on my Kindle and have to admit—a couple of them made me cry.  Great way to read a few short stories and I totally enjoyed this one!!!  Get it if you can!

25. Three Cups of Deceit by Jon Krakaue

Since I had read and been a big fan of Three Cups of Tea I felt I needed to read this short when it came out.  I was saddened to read this, actually, because it did seem as if there was plenty of documentation of things gone awry.   I think that Mr. Mortenson started out with a great idea—I truly do. I think he went into his “adventure” with great gusto and high hopes and somewhere along the way it seems that he decided that accountability was not a thing that was necessary.  I disagree. When you are taking donations from people who truly believe in your cause you need to be held accountable for how their hard earned money which they have donated is used.  It should be documented in order to be able to say that it was spent the right way.  I ended up feeling sad after reading this because I think that so many people have contributed to a cause that somehow got diverted to personal use by Mr. Mortenson.  It seemed to me that Mr. Krakaue did his homework when writing and definitely threw some light on this charity that needed to be brought to the forefront.  😦

26.  The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen   I loved this book!  It was a story of two sisters–one living in the other’s shadow for years, complete with  all the twists and turns that life gives. The author was engaging and once I started reading I did not want to stop!  Great book!  
27.  Cat Cam :  The World of Cooper the Photographer Cat   This is THE best book ever! Cooper is equipped with a camera that takes pictures at various intervals and he even has a book now along with this tv appearances and website!!!   You have to check him out!!!

28.  The Chocolate Pirate Plot  by JoAnna Carl.    A pretty fluffy book to read but obviously since this is the 10th book in the chocolate series it is something that people crave.  Hahahah!!!  Just seeing if you are actually reading this!   Fun book and the most fun was probably all of the chocolate factoids scattered throughout which will be fodder for a future blog post I am sure.   Quick fun book to pick up.  I may have to look for the others in the series.

29.  The Book of Even More Awesome by Neil Pasricha.   You know I loved the first book enough to start my own little page on my blog about things that make me happy!   Check it out if you haven’t already.  It is always a work in process with things being added to it all of the time.  This book by Neil Pasricha continues on in his theme of recognizing the awesomeness in everyday life things!!!   You won’t be disappointed if you pick this one up.  I have given several of the first copy as gifts to friends and they love it!!!

30.  Drink the Tea by Thomas Kaufman

What a great book!!!   I admit that I was drawn to it by the word “tea” in the title but it had nothing to do with tea but with a great crime fiction writer whose first book won the PWA Best First Private Eye Novel Competition.  I haven’t read a good private eye novel for awhile and this book fit the bill—great story, suspenseful and with characters that you loved or hated!!! Definitely a good read and I am going to be picking up his follow up book “The Bad Kitty Lounge” soon!!!    

31.  Where the God of Love Hangs Out by Amy Bloom

My first book to read by author Amy Bloom and it was such a good choice!   She has a great way of telling a story–actually more than one story— and intertwining them together.  Her characters are real and vibrant and this book shows the depth of love and relationships and how families function or don’t function!  Great and different type of book for me to read and I loved it.

32.  The Hidden by Bill Pronzini  Billed as a novel of suspense this book was written about a series of random murders on the northern California coast and was a quick read with not a lot of depth to it.  I did not have it “figured” out in the beginning but as the book went on I was fairly sure what direction the plot was going to take.  This author has garnered quite a deal of praise so I need to check out some of his other offerings to compare.  An enjoyable read but not the best thing I have read so far this year.  

33. Buy Back by Brian M. Wiprud    This crime novel was a fun read with quite a few surprises in it which made it enjoyable.  Add to it that cats seem to be continually left with the main character to care for and I had to finish it!!!  Worth picking up for an afternoon or evening of enjoyment.

34. No One To Hear You Scream by K.J. Dahlen

Fun short read with twists and turns all the way through—a who dun it with good characters and interesting plot!

35.  Given the Evidence by Margaret Barrett and Charles Dennis

Fun vacation read!   Had me guessing a bit on the way through it so that is a good thing!!!

36.  A Death in China by  Carl Hiaasen and  Montalbano Bill.

When I saw that there was another book by Carl Hiaasen I said ‘sing me up”.   This was a totally different type of book by him and his co-author but still an enjoyable read once I got past the fact that it was not going to be his usual funny offering.  It was a murder mystery and spy thriller and was well written though I got lost in the “China-ness” at times for some reason.  Perhaps I should have paid more attention in World History class. I would recommend it but just do not expect the usual quirky and humorous offering that Hiaasen usually writes.

37,  Dixie Divas by Virginia Brown  This book was a delight to read!!!  I stumbled across it on the Kindle list and will most definitely read more in the Diva series by Brown.  The characters are entertaining and fun and the story line has cute twists and turns along the way.  Add to it southern charm and you’ve got yourself a winner.  Fun book and a good diversion from the seriousness of life!

38.  We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle by Celia Rivenbark

Oh my goodness!!!  Since I consider myself 1/5th southern because I lived in North Carolina about 1/5th of my life I LOVED this book!   A blogger friend recommended it to me and I could not put my Kindle down once I started this one!   Rivenbark hits the nail on the head with her essays on Southern life and Southern people.  Are there stereotypes and generalities?? OF COURSE there are but they are fun and funny!!!  I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good laugh  Be forewarned—you need to be able to laugh out loud when you read it so choose an appropriate setting!!!

39. Thinner Thighs in Twenty Years by  Consuelo Saah Baeh

A Kindle single that I uploaded and read quickly today–fun and short essays on different life experiences including the quest for thinner thighs!!!  Enjoyable and worth the 99 cents purchase price!  

40.  Hoda- How I Survived War Zones. Bad Hair. Cancer. and Kathie Lee by Hoda Kotb

This was such a great book.  I have always liked to watch Hoda on tv and this book was a great insight into her life and how she “came to be”.   It was a quick read, funny in places, moving and insightful in others and I came away thinking that I like this woman even more!!! Great read.

41.  Family Affair by Debbie Macomber.  I picked up this book at the library because it was touted as #1 New York Times Bestseller.  Well, let’s just say that I guess it may have been but it sure was not for me.   A very short read but what my sister and I call a timewaster.   It was a romance which I did not really realize when I borrowed it but then after the first page I knew what I was in for.  Okay if you don’t want to think at all but not one I would search out again, that is for sure.

42.  Tick Tock by james Patterson and Michael Ledwidge  
I haven’t read a Patterson book for awhile and picked this one up at the library and devoured it quickly.  Nice story which kept me guessing for awhile. Patterson can crank them out but this one was not disappointing—worth considering for a quick mystery who dunnit read.

43.  Until It’s Over by Nicci French   I picked this book up at the library and once I started it I was sucked into the story!!! Having never read anything by husband wife team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French I was not sure what to expect but it was a great novel of intrigue and mystery which had me guessing at every turn.  It was  a difficult book to put down once I started it so it was a good thing I had plenty of down time this week to read!!!   Great book and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery with detailed characters.

44. The Brevity of Roses by Linda Cassidy Lewis  

This was one of those great $2.99 Kindle buys and one that I think might have been recommended by a fellow blogger.  I kind of forget where I saw the blurb for it now which is typical but it was well worth the $2.99!  Nice story and a nice summer read —not too complicated and no mystery but a nice well written book!

45.  Downtown Owl  by Chuck Klosterman 

I have heard of this author because my oldest son  has read several of his books but this is not his normal writing style since it is a novel.  The story is based in Owl, North Dakota in the early 1980’s and follows the lives of several of the characters quite well.  Most of the characters have nicknames which came about because of events in their lives and Klosterman does a great job of telling a story about what it means to be a “normal” person. Great book and one to pass on!

46. Learning to Let Go: Making the Transition Into Residential Care  by Penelope Wilcox

I picked up this book at the library hoping to get some insight into how to transition someone into a type of residential care facility . What I was looking for was a step by step guide.  What I read in this book was not a step by step but a book that offered a lot of insight into what all can happen during the process.   When someone is faced with this in the near future it can be kind of daunting.  This book helped me to understand that there are a lot more things to consider than I had been thinking about.  If you want some food for thought this is definitely a book worth reading.

47.  The Butter Did It by Phyllis Richman  

Picked this up at the library and totally enjoyed a fun murder mystery with a culinary twist as the book’s characters were chefs and food critics.  Enjoyable read!!

48.  Down Syndrome by Christina Girord  

Just a great factual book to read if you have questions or just want to be educated a bit more about Trisomy 21/ Down Syndrome.

49. If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t) by Betty White   

A very fast easy book to read with quick chapters written about a myriad of topcis from always funny Betty White.  Lots of pictures and a great chance to read some witty comments about her life!

50. The Footstop Cafe by Paulette Crosse. 

I loved this eccentric book!!!  The title of the book describes the cafe which the main characters operate which features tea and foot themed items.  All due to the foot fetish of the husband who is a podiatrist and does not admit he has a fetish until the very end of the book.  The book chronicles the life of this very strange family and it was a nice diversion from serious reading and a book that I couldn’t put down.  Totally fun read set in Vancouver ( picked this one up on the clearance table in Toronto the last trip) and well worth the $4.99 Canadian I paid for it!!!

51.  Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Alan Milne   Fun book with great characters.  And it centers around the owner of a chocolate store—how can you miss with that combination????

52.  Hope In A Jar  by Beth Harbison  

A great fun and quick read about friendship and how a rumor can ruin that!  Easy and fun read !

53. Drama City by Geroge Pelecanos   A good book–good character development and one that pulls you in to want to keep reading.  This was written by the man who is the producer and a writer on the HBO series The Wire and he is a great author as well.  Would recommend this to anyone—I admit I was pulled in because one of the characters worked for the Humane Society!!!

54. Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer    A quick read—good for a vacation or beach scenario!  It focuses on relationships and love and how those all intertwine over the years.  Not a “deep” book by any means but a fun escape book!

55. The Big  5-0 by Sandra Bricker   I chose this book mainly because it was a free download on Kindle.  I kind of see why.  I read a bunch of reviews of folks who absolutely loved this book and after I finished it I was left thinking….okay….that was not all that great.  I guess it just goes to show you that there are books that appeal to everyone!!!  I think it is because it was a “love story” with a Christian theme and sometimes I just find that those are contrived and hokey.   The writing was well done and the characters fun with a story line centering around the main character and all of the horrible things that happen on her birthdays over the years.  Anyway—-I most likely will not be putting this author at the top of my list but I am sure others would.

56.  Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs—AWESOME book!!!  I loved it!  This is the author that helps with the writing on the show “Bones” and the main character in this book is none other than Temperance Brennan.  It was a great read and the thing that made it even better was that it is based in the NASCAR area—the towns and places mentioned are all around Mooresville, Concord and Charlotte and it was a trip down memory lane.  Shout out to my BFF Ann for telling me to read this one!! I am a huge fan now!!!

57. Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen    

This book kind of took my breath away at places—it was a hard book to read but even harder to put down once I got started on the story of a family where the husband was less than nice, to put it mildly–hence the title.  As the wife leaves and takes the child the story gets more complicated and ends with an unexpected turn of events.  Read this one quickly—hard to put down once I got started.

58. The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen  

What a great book!!!  I loved it and am going to read a bunch of others by Tess Gerritsen. This book features Maura Isles and Jane Rizolli as the main characters–sound familiar???  The TV boasts a show featuring these two and this book did not disappoint me at all.  It was suspenseful and kept me wanting to keep reading!!! Wonderful book!

59. Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich     Finally got around to reading this one and loved it, as usual.  Evanovich never disappoints—her characters continue to make me laugh at the predicaments that they get into and the series never gets old for me!

60.  Dear John by Kim Vogel Sawyer  This book was recommended to me by my mother who read it and thought it would strike a chord with me.  The plot centers around a young woman who suddenly becomes the sole provider for her older brother with Down Syndrome.  While it was a little bit predictable in places it hit home when I read of some of the typical characteristics that I see on a daily basis now. A very quick book to read and had a bit of romance added in.

61.  May Day by Jess Lourey   Fabulous book and fabulous author!  My new favorite!!!  I love her writing style and her characters are so much fun !  A bloggy friend turned me on to her and I am going to get all of her books as this is a series –Murder by Month Mysteries.  Pick one up–you won’t be disappointed! 

62.  Dancing in Heaven: A Sister’s Memoir by Christine Grote.  
I chose this book because one of my bloggy friends is the author.  It is a touching story about life with her sister Annie who was disabled.  Christine has bared her heart and soul in this wonderfully written book about life with a beloved sister whose smile was the one thing that brightened the room.  I was drawn in and really could not put it down as Christine welcomed me into her family and I felt as if I personally knew Annie.  Definitely a great book and one that I would highly recommend.

63. The Long Run (Kindle Single) by Mishka Shubaly    This short book offered on Kindle was the story of a young man who battled an alcoholic and drug lifestyle and discovered in the process that he could be a long distance runner.  The book was easy to read and though parts were disgusting and hard to imagine the end result was a reformed person who traded unhealthy addictions for healthier behaviors.  Good for a short read!

64.  Private Scars by Brenda Youngerman     Boy—am I ever a nimwit sometimes!!! I have been following Brenda Youngerman’s blog and she has commented on mine several times.  What rock was I living under that I did not realize that she had written 6 books??? 6!!!!   I guess I didn’t look at her blog very closely, did I????I am embarrassed but suffice it to say that once I found that out, I immediately downloaded her first novel on my Kindle and started reading. She is a great writer—her characters are real and I felt the pain of the main character in this first book.  This is a hard book to read as it is about domestic violence but it is a must read for everyone.  Brenda, I am so sorry I did not find you earlier but now that I have—I am reading every single one of your books!!!  Thank you!!! A million stars!!!!

65.  Wined and Dined by by Cricket McRae  This was just simply a fun book to read!!!  I found it somewhere on one of my bargain Kindle sites and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This book is part of a series (A Home Crafting Mystery) and was a great book to read on vacation!!! Totally enjoyed it and learned something about mead at the same time!

66. Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich  She continues to be one of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint.  Whenever I start one of her books I want to read until I finish it without stopping. Fortunately for me I did read this while on vacation so I could indulge in just that!!!  Always fun to follow along with the gang that she has created!

67. June Bug by Jess Lourey  Jess has become my new favorite author thanks to a friend’s recommendation.  I am going to read ALL of her books!  She has a writing style kind of like Janet Evanovich but better.  Hence why I love her so much!  She has wit and humor and a great writing style that puts her at the top of my reading list.  I am working my way through all her books but have to  pace myself so I don’t run out too fast ….then I will be so disappointed when there are no more Jess Lourey books to read.  A million zillion stars in recommendation!

68. Public Lies by Brenda Youngerman  I had to read the follow up book to Private Scars (number 64) and was not disappointed. Brenda is a great author and was able to keep me coming back for more!  Her artful way of referring to the previous book for background was skillful and not overdone.  Great story and I am on to finish the other books that she has written. Great woman and love to follow her blog as well!

69. In A Fisherman’s Language by James Arruda Henry  

What a perfectly wonderful book. Mr. Henry learned to read and write at age 90 and with his granddaughter’s help has created a wonderful book of memories of the life of a fisherman.  I first saw a blurb about this book on some morning tv show and was moved by the story of a man with great fortitude and grit. The things he has seen. The challenges he has overcome.  Totally loved this book and the man behind it.  Check out his page here at

70. V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton  Another great book from one of my favorite authors–Sue Grafton.  She never disappoints me with her great novels featuring Kinsey !  Great read for anytime!

71. August Moon by Jess Lourey  My new favorite author—really!!!   I love Jess and her style is perfect!!! I can’t get enough of her!!!!   This is the 3rd book I read by her (Somehow I have missed the July one so am downloading it now!)  and they just get better and better!!! She makes me laugh and wonder what is coming next.   Don’t miss out!!!



  1. What a fantastic idea!

    ( came across your blog when I saw your latest post about dysfunctional… )

    • Hey–thanks for stopping by!! Glad to have you! I started this book list because I can never remember what I have read and what I haven’t. My mom has actually kept a list of books she has read since high school!!! And she is 81!!!! I love to read and try to make time to do it more now but am not that great at keeping the list going so I thought I would try it this way! Are you a reader and if so—any good suggestions?? Always on the look out for new authors! Thanks!

      • Hi,

        I am an avid reader, although I tend to read mysteries more.. my current books are The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest and Moab is my Washpot.

  2. Haven’t read either of those–did read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Had a hard time getting through it for some reason! I will have to check out Moab is my Washpot–sounds intriguing!!!

  3. We love to read and have a book blog that we just started this last year. Would love for you to stop by. Our tags are at the bottom if you want to find certain topics.

    That is awesome your mom kept a list for that long. I have one file on my computer by authors with short synopsis of what the book was about. It comes in very handy for referring books to people. I also am on Shelfari (I like that they display your books on bookshelves–looks neat!) and Goodreads.

    Stopping by from Bloggers over 40.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by!!! It was great to meet you!!! I am going to check out your site in a bit here! I have looked at Shelfari and Goodreads but haven’t taken the plunge yet to get that up on mine. May have to do some more research on that ! Thanks again for stopping by and for the comment!! I do appreciate it!!!

  4. It was fun to read your very honest evaluations of the books on your list. I write down my titles and authors and have for years, but don’t keep a thumbs up or down list. I guess that would be helpful. I used to finish everything I started, even if it stunk. I don’t do that any more. Life’s too short! I just finished The Dress Lodger by Sherri Holman. Unusual and compelling, but depressing. Deals with cholera, child labor, class distrust, lack of parenting skills—etc. We are blessed to be born now instead of then!

    • Well, thanks!!! I agree. I used to finish everything—would stick with it to the bitter end but you know what—-life is too short to be wasted on books that don’t appeal!!! So we are in total agreement on that!!! The Dress Lodger sounds kind of sad….would have to be in the right frame of mind to read it I guess!

  5. I didn’t know like books too 🙂
    I am also a book worm…tho we seemed to have different book taste.

    • I love reading and I realize that I need to do some updating on my list!! I am behind! What kind of books do YOU like??

      • *borrowing Kame’s account*
        I am mostly interested with thriller and suspense…but I read quite a diversity lately. I am trying new author as much as I can.

        Right now,I am reading 47 ronin by John allyn

  6. Just came across this in a Google search. Thank you so much for reading my novel, The Brevity of Roses, and for recommending it. Happy reading to you.

    • You are so welcome, Linda! I came across it from a link on a blog or something –it’s been awhile so I don’t really remember but I am trying to read more self published books and books by lesser known authors who host blogs. Right now I am reading one by Brende Youngerman whose blog I follow ! It is always great to find new authors!!! Enjoyed your book and am far from a critic but like to share ones I like with others!

  7. Where can I get book Thicker Than Water edited by Don Meyer?Thanks before…I interest that book.


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