Buddy Takes Center Stage on Wordless Wednesday

Buddy is always helping me with blog posts and writing.

Buddy is always helping me with blog posts and writing.


  1. He just looks like the sweetest kitty! Sometimes Sundae helps me at the computer…by sitting in my lap. Gypsy (our shop kitty) sits between my hubby and his keyboard; that’s her way of helping!

  2. Cats and small dogs make wonderful lap mates too.

  3. Buddy is such a great name for a desk buddy. T-Bob sleeps and naps in my computer chair. I hate to disturb him, but I must pick him up, put him in my lap and get my work done. He is so patient and keeps me company.

    • Buddy usually does not settle down into my lap when I am working on the laptop—he has to be front and center. He is a lap cat WHEN I have a blanket on my lap —every time. The blanket is the key for him. 🙂

  4. Aw, Buddy looks like a sweetie! Our Callie (she passed away late this summer) was a helpful little blogging buddy too – she liked to walk across my keyboard and help write! 😉

  5. Laughing. Maybe Buddy needs a blog.

  6. Buddy! He’s just right there “on top of things” helping.. 😉

  7. A ‘helper’ is a “good thing”!!! (side note…….I finally downloaded iOS8—-I know, I’m slow!!!! But I loved the timer setting you used for our “selfie” that day at the tea room and just had to “get with the program” and install it!!!!) Hugs………………………..

  8. Is Buddy jealous of your pet computer? lol

  9. well he is a handsome muse! 🙂

  10. He’s so photogenic!

  11. Buddy is sweet!

  12. Now we know where you come up with all those great blog ideas! 😉

  13. Att helps me daily with my writing. He’s responsible for all the typos 🙂

  14. To the tune of “Cat Scratch Fever?”

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