A Teapot from Portugal and More–Teapot Tuesday

Our oldest son, Micah, is a traveler.  He has a bit of the wanderlust in him and it makes me know that he is truly our son because he is always up for new experiences.  Earlier this year he took a massive trip which included a trip to Portugal.  I reaped the benefits of that trip because he found me a perfect teapot.

Teapot-PortugalIsn’t it adorable? The cork is what sets it apart from any other teapot that I have. It came with a couple of little cups and when I did an online search I found out that this little gem is called The Whistler for a reason.

The Whistler is the biggest and one of the oldest cork oak trees of the world and it is located in the Portuguese region of Alentejo. This special tree now gives the name to this tea pot in which cork embraces ceramic just like it embraces the wood in the cork oak tree. The Whistler tea set is inspired by the traditional pottery of Alentejo. (from sugartrends.com)

All I know is that it is perfect!

Whistler-TeapotBut wait–there’s more!!!  Not only did I get a new teapot this past week but I also got some fabulous new tea to try.  Micah’s girlfriend, Wendy, was born in China and her parents returned from a trip home recently so I reaped the benefits of that trip with a wonderful gift of tea. (Thanks, Wendy!)Chinese-tea

Just look at those lovely teas….Green-White-Tea

Not the “dust” that sometimes passes for tea, that is for sure.  I brewed up a pot in my new teapot using the cute little reusable tea bag (see above picture of teas on the tray with the teabag in the back)that our youngest son, Aaron, had given me.  It was every bit as delightful as I had anticipated it would be.

Green-Tea-BrewedIt is the perfect weather to brew up a pot of nice hot tea while the cold weather envelops the house.  I will be working my way through my new teas and thinking how nice it is to be home in a warm and cozy place.  How about you?

Life is like a teabag…

The fragrance it emits is a reflection of the quality from within.







  1. I think Micah and I would get along since I love to travel as well. I love this and you scored with the tea!

  2. Wow – such wonderful gifts from your sons and Wendy! They certainly know how to buy gifts for you! That’s an interesting teapot; I know you’re delighted to add it to your collection.

    • I am delighted and it was such a nice surprise. He gave it to me right as soon as he got in from the airport so I think he was pretty excited as well to give me the perfect gift. 🙂

  3. I must agree I think your new teapot is cool! What a find and you are blessed to have such caring sons. Enjoy.

  4. Sons will always know what Mom wants for Christmas or a souvenir. The perfect gift for friends and family to gather round.

  5. I love that we’ve created a new generation of travelers who want to explore and connect with their world. Bravo, Beth Ann.
    Incidentally, how did you do the snowflakes?

  6. I love the earthiness of the teapot from Micah. And the clean lines.

    And how sweet of Wendy to gift you with that savory, quality tea.

    • It is a really classic teapot–brews and pours great and the cork protects the surface it is on which is a win win. I knew he had gotten me one but had no clue what it was like so I was surprised.

  7. A most excellent teapot!

  8. Helen Brown says:

    Very nice that Micah found a teapot for you and then Wendy some tea to enjoy.

  9. Such great gifts! That tea pot is so unique. My oldest daughter is another one of those world travelers, but I’ve put the kibosh to any more teapot gifts as I’m running out of room for them.

  10. Love this!!! And that tea looks amazing!! I can practically feel the warmth and taste the goodness.

  11. I’ve never seen a tea pot like that before. Thoughtful gifts!

  12. Sandy Evans says:

    I love this teapot, it is so adorable.

  13. He’s stout! I like him!!

  14. Nice. I love the quote too.

  15. An interesting teapot, for sure. 🙂

  16. Great gifts!

  17. I love this teapot from Portugal and will keep an eye out for one while I am in this part of the world. The teas from China look delicious. Enjoy.

  18. Those kind of cups without handles would really be hand warmers!

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