Mustaches to Docs—Comments for A Cause


November is Men’s Health Awareness Month and the Comments for a Cause for the month was designated to go to my oldest son’s efforts to raise money for Movember Foundation US.  Micah’s goal was to grow an amazing mustache that rivaled Tom Selleck’s and I think he came pretty close, what do you think?



I am thrilled to be able to report that because of YOU we will be donating $210 to Micah’s November efforts.  If you would like to make a small donation of  your own please click here to take you to his fundraising page.  He would be eternally grateful as would I.

This coming month I am going to share the charity that my own family is donating to for their Christmas Charity.  Every year for many years we have selected a charity to donate money to instead of exchanging presents.  It has worked like a charm and even though I drug my feet initially (because I love to shop for the perfect gift) it has put a lot more meaning into our Christmas exchange simply because instead of giving or getting one more sweater we are actually donating to causes that can use our help.  Doctors Without Borders

The family has decided to donate to Doctors Without Borders this year because of their tireless efforts and especially during this year when Ebola was a huge issue that many doctors selflessly committed to fighting—risking their own lives in the process. This group has many facets to it–covers a lot of area both geographically and provides many services that you can read more about by clicking here to go directly to their website.  What impressed me the most is their response to the Ebola outbreak.  The following excerpt taken from their website provides a few more details.

MSF’s West Africa Ebola response started in March 2014 and counts activities in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. In response to a confirmed case in Mali, an MSF team arrived in the country this week to reinforce MSF’s regular mission and provide technical support to the Ministry of Health.

MSF currently employs 263 international and around 3,084 locally hired staff in the region. The organization operates six Ebola case management centers (CMCs), providing approximately 600 beds in isolation. Since the beginning of the outbreak, MSF has sent more than 700 international staff to the region and admitted more than 5,200 patients, among whom around 3,200 were confirmed as having Ebola. More than 1,200 patients have survived.

More than 1,019 tonnes of supplies have been shipped to the affected countries since March.

The provisional 2014 budget for MSF’s Ebola response in West Africa is €51 million. MSF will continue its operational response in 2015, and is currently estimating operational budgets beyond 2014. So far, MSF has approved institutional funding for a value of €20M and have raised some €28M in private funds.

This month my Comments for a Cause donation will go directly to Doctors Without Borders to help aid them in their tireless work in places where their help is so sorely needed.  If you would like to make a donation of your own it is easily done on their website.  Chris and I will make a donation at the end of December based on your comments.  For each comment made on It’s Just Life during December we will donate 50 cents to the cause.  Comment often because you know I love to read what you have to say.


  1. Another great cause! And Micah’s mustache looks great!
    Happy December…..and I’m loving the snowfall here on WP.

  2. Great work! I always enjoy learning about the charities you choose.

  3. He did rock the mustache but I’m with his girlfriend on this one! Great job, Beth Ann. I’m glad to hear you’re supporting Doctors Without Borders this month. They do such great work.

    • They really do great work. One of my nieces actually was on a mission trip and involved with them at some point so she had first hand experience which makes it even better. One of the few organizations that really puts a big amount of donations to actual work–not 100% but pretty high percentage—maybe 89%??? I need to go check that out.

  4. It’s great to see Micah following his parents’ examples of charitable giving. Just fantastic.

    I love your family’s way of giving at Christmas via donating to a charity. We are contemplating doing away with the gifts, too. That would be fine by me as I don’t like shopping and most of us don’t particularly “need” that much. If we do, we purchase it.

    Another great cause and God bless your family for this effort.

  5. Hmmmm! I post a comment and you pay money. I may have a lot to say this December! 🙂 Really though, what a generous way to celebrate Christmas and it is SO you!

    • Yep–that is how it works!! Chris and I have been doing this for 3 years and it is a great way to stretch ourselves and to allow others to learn about some great causes! Welcome aboard!

  6. Nice mustaches! I like your idea to donate to a charity instead of buy presents. One side of our family does this. I think I’ve gotten old enough where I’d like to do this too instead of exchange presents.

    • It took me a long time to get there but it really has been a good thing. I don’t stress at all about gifts. We still do gifts with the boys, of course, and Chris and I but not the bigger family. I try to make birthdays extra special during the year.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    i do nor have to tell you how I support this way of celebrating Thanksgiving. This is all about helping others and being thankful. I think Micah looks great.

  8. Great pick, Beth! I will post on my profile in hopes to help the cause as well! I love the snowfall as well! Have a beautiful December!!!!

  9. That is an outstanding organization.

  10. Nice mustache!

  11. How wonderful. Like the mustache!

  12. Perfect cause Beth Ann! The mustache and Micah both lookin’ good!

  13. Nice ‘stache! Way to go Micah.

    I’m so glad to hear that the December charity is Doctors Without Borders, a wonderful organization that does important life-saving work around the world. I like the idea of forgoing Christmas gifts in exchange for charitable donations. I would love for my family to adopt that as well. I definitely don’t need another sweater. LOL

  14. Nice stache! I didn’t notice too many men in my new neighborhood growing a mustache last month. such a shame since it is such a wonderful way to support a good cause.

    Love the charity this month. We don’t give gifts anymore. to the adults. Can’t do that to the kids, though.

    • Glad you love the charity—–I think it is one of the great ones out there. We still do things for the little kids, as well, but the main emphasis is now for birthdays.

  15. Great cause this month Beth Ann! I’m not sure Micah’s mustache is quite the Tom Selleck equivalent, but a very valiant effort! Tom Selleck has what my grandfather used to call a “cookie duster.”

    • Thanks! It is a family thing so I figured that would be good to just supplement it with the comments for a cause for the month as well. Oh yes–the cookie duster. I remember that phrase!

  16. Excellent cause for this month, they’ve had a very busy year.


  1. […] $.50 for every blog comment to a charitable organization. This month she’s donating to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that sends doctors from around the world to places that need them […]

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