Going Home

I have been living a pretty charmed life these days.  A trip to Ohio to see all of my Ohio family that I could see and now a trip to North Carolina to catch up with family and friends.  It is what I love the most—being with family and friends and just living in the moment.

One thing that I loved was being able to go to church on Sunday to the church that Chris and I and the boys attended for almost 9 years when we lived in North Carolina.  It was at this church, Fair View UMC in Mount Mourne, North Carolina, that we made some of the closest friends in our lives.  The life that we have lived has found us living apart from our extended family and having a church family was very important.

Both of our boys were confirmed at this church.  Chris and I both held a multitude of positions there—taught Disciple Bible Study, led Stephen Ministry, served on committee after committee, sang in the choir and spend many hours both in the building and doing work outside the church walls.  My best friends still go to this church.  It was truly a great place to be.

Churches are definitely not always the perfect place where there are no arguments or drama.  I suspect that sometimes churches can harbor more drama than even the most conflict oriented workplaces .  Fair View was no exception.  We got drawn into drama occasionally but came out of it stronger people and maybe, perhaps, years later—more tolerant.  Sometimes that just takes time.

Being in this church recently reminded me of going home.  With the  life that we have lived it has not always been easy to define home.  Home has never really been a physical place for me.  Growing up the daughter of a preacher meant that we lived in parsonages over the years and until my daddy held a staff position with the conference we lived in houses that belonged to the church.  That meant a lot of things but we were always grateful for the roof over our heads and all that the congregations did to make those dwellings feel like home for us.

The definition of home as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is as follows:

the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

I am wondering now if I will ever have a real home because I can not imagine ever living anywhere permanently.  It is not how my life has ever been lived.  I suspect that I will have have to modify this definition for my own life—-being able to visit places like Fair View where the warm feelings and memories made give me that inner peace and feeling of home is probably about as good as it is going to get for me.

When you think of home—what do YOU think of?  Is it a place?  Is it a feeling?  Is it elusive or is it something that you can immediately pinpoint?   Please leave a comment and let me know!

My best friend, Ann, and I after church at the Thanksgiving Feast.

My best friend, Ann, and I after church at the Thanksgiving Feast.


  1. Interesting post and concept. I moved all over the country as a child. I had an irresponsible, immature mother (sad fact). I went to 11 schools. Consequently, Home is where Bill and I settled down 27 years ago. It is Our Home, Together…with our critters.

    • Your home is perfect with your Bill and your critters. Can’t imagine what you must have endured growing up but how wonderful to have stability with a man who loves you and makes you happy.

  2. Will ALWAYS be there for you !

  3. Until DH and I moved, my family has remained Twin City/Metro centered. Our move did not set well with my folks (especially my mom to this day!). Moving to our little rural place was “home” the moment we set foot on the land!!! We all ‘knew’ this was IT. Church ‘homes’ are another thing, though, and our hearts remain in the one in which we came to know and accept the Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. The “drama” comes from all the very imperfect “dust people” who make up each gathering…..imagine that!!!! LOL!
    Glad to ‘hear’ of your fab family meet-ups!!!!! Hugs……………………..

  4. Happy you are having a great time visiting your friends and seeing your whole family! This sounds cheesy, but I feel like home is where the heart is. We’ve moved a few times now, but I feel like home is where our family and friends is.

  5. We moved around Oelwein a lot when I was growing up. Lived in 8 different houses so home to me was the town itself. Even later in life when I was out on my own and single when I worked in Clinton, Arlington, Waterloo and Cresco my home was still the town of Oelwein. It wasn’t until I married Patty and we had our first real home in Lake Mills that I truly felt I lived in a home and not just a place. When we moved to our present house in Mason City and raised our family home took on an even deeper and personal meeting. Best home ever to raise a family, get involved with the Newman Catholic family, work in a variety of media, have a great church, some wonderful friends and neighbors and retire. So thankful that I found my best friend and wife and she created that home.

    • I love how you describe home, Ozzie. Everyone has such a great handle on what home means to them and each one is different but perfect. Thanks for your comments.

  6. “Home is (truly) where the heart is…”

  7. It is hard to describe “home” but I do believe you can make a home anywhere. (especially if you are with someone you love)

  8. Well, you know that I have pretty deep roots in this area of Virginia, having never lived more than about 30 miles from my childhood home. If I had to, I suppose I could live elsewhere, but I just can’t imagine that.

  9. Home is where CH and I are together. I can’t see us leaving Missouri.

  10. Home is anywhere with my Hubby. 🙂

  11. You have found many homes.

    My home is the prairie and the house where I’ve lived for 30 years and my church. And family, oh, family, the real “thing” which makes a house a home. You could also insert “friends” here.

    So happy you are having mega time with family and friends.

  12. Even though I have only had two homes that I remember I think of home as a feeling not a place

  13. Helen Brown says:

    Being a minister’s child helped you get to know many people and how to be happy and able to meet new people and homes.

  14. sincerelyjenni2014 says:

    My parents have moved around a lot, but I feel like everytime I set foot in their house (whatever town that may be), I’m always “home.”

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