Living Large on Teapot Tuesday

Sometimes you see something that you HAVE to have.  Case in point this past weekend when my Mooresville friends, Judy and Ann and I explored the Main Street Antique and Design Gallery that resides in the old Burlington Mill facility in the downtown area of the town in North Carolina that I love to return to.  The warehouse is huge and filled with vendors who  have booths that seek antiques as well as new merchandise, handmade items and all kinds of vintage and unique and yes–sometimes quirky items.

Judy and Ann were lagging behind and I spied it. The one thing that I knew had to come home with me.  I beckoned to them and told them that I found something.

teapotOh yes.  It is perfect. Even if it is not functional it is perhaps the best teapot I have seen in a long time.  It may eventually become a table of sorts with a glass top.

teapot2I snatched it up and we completed our tour of the huge antique mall and yes—I could have set it up at the counter but I chose not to.  Let’s just say I attracted a lot of attention.  I can’t tell you how many people were eyeing my prize and one lady even popped out a couple of times in an attempt to take my prize from me.  No way.

teapot3So the question is—how am I going to get this home to Iowa?  Do you think it can be one of my carry on items????





  1. Oh, I love it!! You’ll find a way to get it home – no doubt. That’s a great find, and I love the pictures!

  2. Your fave color!!!!!!!!

  3. What a find. This is absolutely perfect for you. Perfect. How are you going to get it back to Iowa? Hmmmm. Have no idea except to suggest buying another plane ticket for this “passenger.” Oh, yeah, maybe cheaper to ship.

    • I could not believe my eyes when I found it. 🙂 I did attract a lot of attention. I am thinking Aaron is less than thrilled to have it gracing his townhouse right now but if I can find a big enough box it will ship back. If not—I will store it in his garage until I can figure out how to get it to me!!!

  4. Love it – Great find I say. Take it to UPS and ask them package it and ship it home for you! Simple; of course there’s an added price, but best way to go. Isn’t it odd when you are shopping and you pick something up, there’s always someone else that comes up and wants to buy your item! Happens a lot to me.

    • I think that may be the ticket to success there. Of course all good things have a price, right? But isn’t it just perfect for me?? I can’t wait to see what I can do with it. 🙂

  5. It looks bigger than 22X14X9 so I’m not sure you’ll get by carrying it on. I can’t wait to read the blog post about the trip home. It is quite a prize though! I think it would make an awesome table.

    • I think it will have to get shipped….or sometime when I actually drive to NC I can get it but hey—-I am not going to worry about that today ! Today I menu plan!!!!

  6. LOL! It is its own strainer!

  7. Oh gosh, it is perfect! It would make a darling table!!!!

  8. Oh my gosh! That is so stinkin’ CUTE! Can’t wait to see what you do with it…but first, how ARE you going to get it home?? 😉

  9. That’s funny and definitely perfect for you!!

  10. That is THE best find yet! You can leave it at my house for awhile. 🙂

  11. oh my gosh – I love it!! love it!! That would be so great to store books in and then you could sit an actual tea cup on top when you get all comfy to read!! or put your feet up. It’s perfect. I do hope it got home safely!!

  12. OMG! I LOVE THIS!! 🙂

  13. Helen Brown says:

    I am looking forward to finding out how you got it home.

  14. Awesome find! It’s perfect for you and your collection! 🙂

  15. That’s awesome! I also love the one in the banner picture!

  16. I´m late to this party but I LOVE it! Now how can you send it to Spain?? it will look so perfect in your home. Who comes up with these great ideas. I know you will get it home one way or another. Hugs.

  17. Will your carry on suitcase fit inside it?

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