The Sun Still Comes Up

sunriseDid you ever think about that?  The sun still comes up. Every day.  Some days it may be hidden by clouds.  Some days it may be covered with raindrops.  Some days, heaven forbid it, there may even be snow that covers the brilliance of the sun but it ALWAYS comes up.  Without fail.

I was just pondering that fact this past week when I have felt the burdens of several of my friends.  If I could offer one word of comfort to any of them it would be just that fact—the sun still comes up.   No mater how horrible your situation –the sun will still come up.

When I was a teenager and had braces on my teeth I was just not a big fan of going to the orthodontist.  A trip to the orthodontist always meant tightening brackets and wires and a sore mouth for days.  Wires sometimes came loose and poked gums.  Wax had to be placed on the brackets so they would not rub the inside of the mouth raw.  While I loved that my horribly  out of whack teeth would finally be straight and nice looking I was not a huge fan of the pain that sometimes went with achieving that look.

So I managed to come up with a method to get through the pain and dread of having to sit in that chair at the orthodontist.  Our trips almost always included a shopping excursion afterwards.  I saved my babysitting money up for these post appointment trips and thought about what I would find during the excruciating minutes in the chair.  It always helped to think past the pain, past the appointment to the time post appointment when I would be able to enjoy an hour shopping someplace fun.

So if I had to offer advice to any of my friends who are going through a tough thing is is to try to look beyond.  The sun will always come up, there is always hope and something positive is just around the corner.  Just like my time in the orthodontist chair there is something to look forward to after the “pain”.  Focus on that and no matter what your trial may be it may help you to get to the other side with more of a smile on your face than you thought you would have.

We have all had challenges.  Life is just full of them and it is how we come out on the other side of them that shows our character and our faith.  What do you do to get through the challenges that life throws your way?  I would love to hear.


  1. I completely agree. The sun does always come up. need to be reminded from time to time though. Thanks.

  2. Yes, it will come up and go down, different every time. Always beautiful.

  3. Great advice! When I’m faced with an unpleasant task – usually a doctor’s appointment – I just tell myself that it will only last a certain length of time, and then it will be over.
    I realize that a doctor’s appointment can, in no way, compare to the problems that some folks face.

    • I agree—I totally agree with you and no—an appointment is not the same as some of the things that others are going through but it is still a good strategy and it reminds me that even the little things like the dreaded doctor’s visits cause stress but we manage, right??? Have a great day, Dianna!

  4. Wonderful words of wisdom. Having survived two bad accidents in the last 5 years my rays of sunshine come from my volunteer work and the realization that there are so many people who have it far worse than I do.A shared smile, a good laugh with friends and family bring those rays of warmth into my life everyday.

    • You are indeed a ray of sunshine, Ozzie!!! I love all that you stand for. I do not mean to trivialize what folks are going through but just offer hope that there really is hope. There really, really is.

  5. Share the burden with trusted friends and pray like I’ve never prayed.

    Great post and one I needed to hear today. Bless you and thank you, dear friend.

  6. I just make the coffee. It is all about taking a first step to starting the day. Great post, Beth Ann.

  7. ‘…The sun will come out tomorrow, so you gotta hang on til tomorrow, come what may. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away..’
    Now I’ll be having that little ditty bouncing around my head all day long. lol

  8. Ugh braces..I had 8 years of them. My teeth now went back to pre- braces days..

    I pray.

  9. Good post Beth Ann. I just keep moving… think about the good things that are here today. A cheeseburger helps too.. 😉

  10. And aren’t we ever so thankful that the sun does come up again giving us a brand new day to start over? Well, since you visit my blog you probably already know what I do when I face difficult times, I go directly to my life verse passage in 1 Thessalonians 5;16-18 and try to live that out. It isn’t easy but it always helps me. 🙂

  11. Prayer and soaking in God’s word, realizing I’m not the only one going through a trial, we each have them at some time or other.

  12. I breathe in & out, then I do it again while I still can. I plan for the future so I feel more comfortable knowing everything is in place while I still feel well enough to deal with the details. It gives me peace to know I have a plan in place.

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