Texas Doggie Makes Wordless Wednesday




  1. That is SO funny! Thanks for the early morning chuckle!

  2. LOL. I wish I could get my dog to do that.

  3. OK, this is totally bizarre. Great photo catch.

  4. that is awesome!! Who’s the coolest doggie ever? You are!

  5. Ha Ha!!! Beth Ann you find the bestest photo opportunities!!!

  6. He’d be perfect in the HOV lane, partner!

  7. Oh come on –I mean it’s not like he was driving or anything . . . 😀

  8. How can you not love this Wordless Wednesday? He’s one cool doggie!

  9. I wish I could be that cool!

  10. Sunglasses on dogs, I have seen. Hat? No! This dog is totally cool.

  11. I bet he didn’t realize he was going to really be a star that day when he made the internet on your blog! 😉

  12. We always dress our dogs up like that down here!!! lol

  13. Helen Brown says:

    I hope he is a good driver.

  14. Aaaaawwwwww!

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